Friday, February 13, 2009

Oh my Day was GREATTTTTT

Sorry Tony the Tiger just took my place for awhile apparently.  Little man had great behavior today, and swore he’d be on his best behavior when I had MY VERY FIRST CRAFT CIRCLE tonight! Sorry for the yelling, couldn’t help myself! I’m so excited about it all! I know too that having a not even two year old say he’ll be on his best behavior is kinda well iffy, but usually he is actually very honest! One day he even said yes he needed time out!

So everyone came, and I use “everyone” loosely (less then half of the really really invited came) and we crafted, and chatted, and just had a great time. At least I did. I worked as steadily as I could while playing hostess, especially since one lady brought her lovely daughters who wanted to learn to sew and needed a lot of assistance (but gosh I’m spreading the craft!) So what was I busy working on??? Wellllllll, have you seen this?!!?!?!? The Basket theme Block of the Month over at Bunny Hill?? I stumbled upon it after several hours of blog reading (over the course of daysssss) and decided I HAD to do it! Then I got my mom in on it! My friend might join to. The challenge? We are dedicated and  have sworn to do the applique sewing ENTIRELY by hand! So tonight I stitched the best I could, and my hand sewing is dreadfullll, so I was going very slowly to make it wonderful. I got up one side of the basket and about 1/2″ into the handle stitched up. Not to bad I think. The stitches are tiny and great, and so far I’m really proud!

Another awesome thing? Today I ordered needle tatting needles! I’ve tried shuttle tatting dozens of times and just don’t get it, but I saw needle tatting in my new favorite book and simply said,  ”Man I CAN do that! It looks so easy! It’s really not all that different then how I knot my thread!” so I ordered needles as soon as the catalog came. For some reason I was determined to order through the catalog, even though I would have had them already if I had just ordered online the day I found them.  And just like my life, I ordered from the only place I could find them when I searched, then today I no more then ordered and decided to search for free patterns and found a place that is cheaper! Ugh.

So next time the craft circle meets I’ll hopefully be tatting away! Or at least finishing my basket square. AND the other ladies liked it so much we’ve agreed to meet every other Thursday! So I get TWO good crafty gabby days a month! Hopefully next time hubby will be home before midnight and I don’t have to play the mommy role at the same time.

And on top of the crafty goodness today, yesterday I made two of these, one block inspired by this, AND finished a quilt top I’ve had on the burner for almost a year! Not even on the back burner, just the burner. I’ve been collecting fabrics, and picking a design, and finally started this week. Pictures to come, my camera is annoying me lately. ( Updated 6-9-09 The following Day Hubby surprised me with a camera,  and that quilt is the one shown HERE, getting finished to go to Little Miss Hannah.)

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