Tuesday, March 3, 2009

So Much to Share!

and so little time!

I’ll do the most basic first, my little guy will be 2 in just 12 days! I can’t believe it! This is the day two years ago that I went into labor, and stayed there! My gosh has it been that long?! It feels both like it just happened yesterday AND that surely that was at least 5 years ago! Know what I mean? It doesn’t help that he is the size of a 4 year old.

Here’s a picture of when he fell asleep in time out. Yes you heard that correctly, he fell asleep in time out. I guess that shows the cause of the behavior that put him there huh?


So for his birthday he’s getting this, which I ordered yesterday as his main gift. One day in the craft store I saw a small combo pack of art supplies on Clearance and grabbed it since it was such an obvious small gift! It’s some Crayola gift set, and to be honest I don’t even remember everything that is inside. It has a paper tablet, some Color Wonder stuff, some paint pen things, and more. I pulled a classic though, I lost it! Now as I write this I have since found it, but earlier this morning it occurred to me that I need to find it to know where it is to wrap, and I couldn’t find it! I checked all my regular hiding spots. Turns out it slipped from an obvious spot to a less obvious spot. I think he’ll love it though. The whole theme this year is arts/crafts. Besides those gifts his party is at the local craft store (yes you CAN do parties at them sometimes) So we’re just really Arting it up here!

I had Blu’s Birthday announced over at the new tot site, and I wanted to make sure I posted about it for anyone who may follow the link over here.   And for any visitors that the link may bring, welcome to my composition!

So what else do I have to share? I did some MAJOR stash enhancement. As in a whole bag full of half yards and fat quarters. I have pictures to share either tonight (if Blu actually sleeps) or tomorrow (if he actually allows me to type two days in a row.

I also have several items finished, a quilt top that has been in planning for months, some small objects, and maybe I’ll disclose how far along I am on the block of the month.  I’ll give you a hint on that one, it’s embarrassing. BUT I stand behind my slow progress with the simple statement that I have a toddler.

So lots to come!

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