Friday, June 12, 2009

Adding Another Serving

People always tell me I like to put to much on my plate, both with actual food AND the less literal use of the phrase. And today I added one more. My year of teaching Religious Education (Sunday School) is up, so technically in my mind I have an opening.  I got an email from a childhood friend who has recently somewhat re-entered my life about the need for three volunteers. Her son was born a preemie with a list of issues and he needs a transplant. The volunteers are to help raise funds for what insurance won’t cover. 

I’m blessed with an insanely healthy child, and I thank God for it every day. Now granted when he gets sick he gets really sick (ever heard of a two year old with mono, with the symptoms beings crazy hives and joint pain and swelling? Or how about the fact that the first time he caught a bug  he had to go to the ER in an ambulance for febrile seizures?) When I read this letter from my old friend I replied instantly.


My exact reply:

“I don’t even have to think about it.


Count me in.”


And I 100% meant it. As time has passed since the email, only an hour or so, I HAVE thought, and I KNOW I want to do it just as much as I did in the instant she asked. I know that I want Blu to know that charity and helping others is truly the very best thing you can do in life.

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