Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hair and Apples

Boy what a tasty sounding title! Don’t worry it’s two separate things.

It was requested that I share Blu’s new song with everyone and I’m just getting to it. Partly because I have nothing else to talk about, and don’t want to post only weekly. This will be a pretty boring blog if I only share one post a week of a sum up!

The new song that Blu is learning isn’t uncommon, in fact it is a recent newsletter I subscribe to, and I stumbled upon it after she started teaching it to us. The reason she chose this song is definitely two fold, and possibly three fold. One reason it that “apple” is one of the words he already saws, and our goal is to build on those. Two is because it features sounds, and we’re trying to build up his sound vocabulary. All he does is “rooooommm” for cars and airplanes. He has never done any animal sounds or things like that. And the third possible reason is that it may just be the only one she could think of.

It goes:

Way up high in the apple tree (wave fingers up high like a tree blowing in the wind)

Two little apples looking at me (form a circle using your finger and thumb on each hand for two apples)

So I SHOOK that tree as hard as I could (pretend to be shaking something)

Two little apples UMM UMM good! (rub belly)

There is no real reason behind his speech delay, besides the fact that he just seem like he wants to talk. She even agreed with me that he is the type who won’t do anything until he can do it 100% and that one day he’ll just be ready and start with whole sentences. But until then we’re just trying to work with the few words he does say. His hearing is fine. He understands just fine. I give him reasons to talk (as anyone else with a speech delayed child knows people often say “Oh you’re just not giving him reason too! You do everything for him.” Even though there is rarely truth to that.) For the sake of future posts, let’s call her Mrs E, said that even she can’t say for sure anything she’ll do will help, that he really just seems like a certain personality type. She calls them “little engineers.” But we’ll keep trying and see what happens.

In the meantime I often fell guilty because he’ll say a word and daddy gets all excited “did you hear him he said …!!” But it’s really one of his regular words, and not new at all. Working parents, they miss out on everything.

And this picture in no way relates, but gosh what a cutie!

62409 029

Because of his exact hair type we don’t do a lot of shampoo, we actually wash his hair with conditioner. So I don’t get a lot of chances for funny shampoo hair pictures. But if anyone out there is blog land read this, and needs help with their mixed kid hair, feel free to ask about our regime. We’ve finally seemed to master a blend of advice from various mixed friends. Which leads him with a gorgeous head of hair like this

62409 016

Seriously parents, you may say “Oh I don’t know what to do with the tangles in Little Sally’s hair,” but you have NO idea until your kid has a head of hair like this! We had to learn to start making our own leave in spray conditioner, because he goes through 2-4 ounces a day! He alone has a family sized bottle of conditioner. We have a lot of hair tales to tell.

And notice how long it is. We can’t cut it yet. He have to let his whole head figure out what it’s doing, and have one central thing going on before we can start haircuts. Everyone I’ve asked says that’s usually around 3 years old. I’m not in a rush though. You see those teeny tiny curls sticking out the top of that shampoo hair? You see them? That 1/2” of the center of his head, that my dears was what he was born with. His baby hair. The remnants of his natural mohawk. I could just keep it there forever, but I don’t want it to look like we have Cousin It running around.

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Misty said...

I don't envy you the hair to deal with. I shaved all three of my guys' heads last week. And considered shaving my own.