Thursday, June 25, 2009

I have a Gift

It’s a strange but useful gift, a sometimes glorious gift, and when I tell you it you will think I’m being silly, but I’ve got a gift, perhaps “THE” gift. What is this wonderful gift? Let’s call it a deal spotter. When I am driving down the road I have a radar for thrift stores, and good thrift stores at that. And it doesn’t stop there! No, it doesn’t stop there. Once inside the thrift store I can literally feel in my very bones which aisles have good stuff!

So yesterday I was driving to the grocery store, we drive a few tons over to save a VERY considerable amount of money, and I got the feeling. I had an urge so strong I could barely keep the car on the highway. I KNEW I just KNEW I HAD to go to the thrift store. There was something there. But I struggled and managed to continue on the route to the grocery store. Then on the return trip it happened again. I said to myself, “All the cold items are in the special refrigerated bag, I can make a super quick trip. I’ll look at JUST the books and toys, because honestly there is nothing else I need that would give me the urge I had. So I pulled in, explained to Blu that mommy was just being temporarily insane, and raced to the book room. And there

glowly like

the glorious treasures they were

Sparkling like bars of gold on the shelf.

Were these:625091 001

I managed to grab three single story books. The Loudest Noise in the World, and It’s Only Arnold, both with vintage illustrations. And one that isn’t in the picture called Mr Gumpy’s Motor Car.

A complete Children’s Dictionary

A FULL sized, 800+ page Children’s Book of Virtues. Now I’ve seen shorter illustrated ones that only feature a few stories, but this one is nothing but stories with very very few illustrations.

I also grabbed a shorter illustrated one. (it’s in the back with the two children in the corners)

The Peter Patter book of Nursery Rhymes, a 1985 reprint of an original 1918 book.

The Children’s Book of Seaside Verse- A glorious hard back of poems and verses.


A Book of patterns for Children’s puppets, real puppets, not paper or simple puppets, good puppets.

All for one quick insane trip and $3.18!!!!!

Still think I’m crazy?? Well maybe I am, but NOT about this!

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Misty said...

sounds like we need to go yard saling!