Friday, June 19, 2009

Last week- Playing Catch Up

We’ve had such a fun and crazy week this week that I haven’t shared LAST week yet! So here’s last week in a bit of a nutshell.

We caught some bugs:

61409 017

We cut some paper (notice the previous week’s necklace. He wore it ALL last week)

61409 003

We did a worksheet. Here it is still our our drawer (we use plastic drawer carts as workboxes) He scribbled in the items with the crayon, I haven’t taken finished pictures yet.

61409 007

We played THIS puppy matching game from File Folder Fun more then a few times. I actually made a smaller folder game by cutting the file folder in half along the existing crease, then folding THAT in half.

61409 010

We did our Animal Habitat Puzzle: (This exact one is no longer available, but other ones are.) They are wonderful puzzles, dishwasher safe pieces, and each puzzle piece is actually three pieces to put together.

61409 024

While we did that, we showed our tree loving side. I have no idea where he found this mini fake Christmas Tree, he dug it out of one of his hidey holes, and carried it around for about 2 days. While we were sitting there playing he had to sit it next to him, and I managed to capture this shot.

61409 027

We played with “nuudles” The things that are like packing peanuts and stick together.

61009 015

We made some new glasses:61009 024

He made this “Bike”,

61009 016

And he declared that he finished this “Airplane”

61009 019

We played with our new number puzzle (I snatched up a vintage one of the two part puzzles, one is the number and the other side is animals. )

61009 001

And as if THAT isn’t enough we also got a new to us Active Pad, it’s like a leap pad, and we’re hoping it’ll help with his talking. He adores it and carries it everywhere, or was, until we took it to grandmas this week and he hasn’t touched it since we got back! Maybe I need to sit it in an obvious place?

61409 036

We also did some stamping, his new love, some coloring, tons of Duplo building, and a lot of snuggling.

If that seems overwhelming, and it makes you feel any better, this week we did next to nothing. lol

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Misty said...

your new blog looks great! i am so glad to see your quilt is almost done, and i LOVE your cute potholders! my hs goals this week is to set up some simple boxes for h!