Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lost… And Found

Blu is now constantly asking me to take pictures of his proud accomplishments,  everything from a correct puzzle to a piece of dirt he found.  I had to break his poor little heart today when he asked me to take a picture of a very amazing fish he made with play-dough. I turned my camera on, and the battery died. :( I went to plug it up, and couldn’t find the charger! I started searching, I searched all day, I searched all evening, pretty much ANY time I had even a half a second to spare. FINALLY almost 10 o’clock PM I found it! So it’s charging now, ready for a possible trip to the Nature Preserve tomorrow.

Wanna know where I found it? In a drawer where we keep linens, cloth napkins and very absorbent towels, buried at the bottom, covered in what appears to be dijon mustard. And I have an idea who put it there. 61009 007 Does he look guilty? He certainly looks guilty to me!

And ohhhh the fish I didn’t capture. I swear my kid is a genius. He’s not even two and an half, but this fish had a mouth, a top fin, a seperated two part tail fin, and was a curvy shape. It was possibly the best play dough fish I’ve ever seen.   And my kid, well he’s a one timer. He’ll probably never make a play-dough fish again. :(

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