Saturday, June 27, 2009

My Favorite Things about This Week

Let’s start with my favorite phrases that I’ve had to say:

“Honey, don’t drive your car on the door.”

“Blu, We CANNOT stand on the cat!”

“Blu! We do not bite the cat’s tail!”

My favorite Moments:

62709 00862709 014 62709 028 62709 035He got new “Cars” sheets for his bed, a reward I had mind for his upgrade from our bed to his own big boy bed! He makes it all the way through the night on most nights. Sometimes I wake up in there, but don’t remember it, so I’m guessing he wakes up momentarily and when I go to comfort him I just crawl into the bed. lol When he saw his bed all put together he just couldn’t contain himself! He was so excited he just rolled around on it, bounced on it, hugged it, and unfortunately jumped on it. Then he moved on to wrestling Daddy, as a thank you. While I had it in mind for a reward, we hadn’t discussed it yet, but hubby bought them while they were in the store together. Since I wanted to anyway I can’t complain, it just saved a discussion!

Some projects we completed:

62709 032

62709 044

We had an appointment with his Developmental Specialist (I asked her what her exact title in, can you tell?)

62709 009 And we started a new system. The Sticker Board. In order to reinforce good behavior (and hopefully start to avoid some of the bad behavior) I painted “I was Good!” on a large foamboard. Then when he is good he gets a cheap-o sticker to put on it. I got two books of $1 stickers, like this:

62709 047 Then each time we does a good behavior he gets a sticker and applies it to his board. If he does a little piddly thing like saying please, putting a cup in the sink (with me asking) or does something just generally nice he gets a little sticker. If he does something big like being good for his whole delvelopment appointment, putting his lunch in the trash and plate in the dishwasher, eating ALL of his dinner including a veggie he doesn’t like, he gets a big sticker. Then I give him something daily for work for. We just started yesterday, but I told him if he got 5 stickers he’d get to help make cookies (which translates to also getting a small lump of dough and his special cookie cutters and baking sheet.) Today his “toy” phone (actually an old unuseable cell phone) was taken away, and he was told he had to get 8 stickers today to get it back. He didn’t get it back. He got to 6 stickers though. We don’t take away stickers for being bad, or even say things like “Boys who do that don’t get stickers.” But we DO encourage him with reminders like “If you do that, that will deserve a sticker.” It actually is working really well. Here’s his board after just two days.

62709 042

I believe the big stickers were for: good behavior for his entire appointment, finishing ALL of his dinner drink, milk, and dessert today, and for being really good and listening to daddy on his hour long bike ride today. (Yes he goes out and rides pretty steady for an hour! Him and I did about a half a mile the other day, and he did about two miles with daddy one day!) He should have gotten four big ones, but he must have gotten two smalls instead or something, sometimes I let him choose the sticker.

Here’s his collection from his bike ride today. As he rides he collects little things and puts them in his bike’s trunk. He has a tricycle like this one, only the storage has a hood and it’s classic Radio Flyer red. (And next week he’s getting this as a surprise!, More physically energy being exerted which will help him a lot) He mostly rides when I walk with him, but with Daddy he collects AND stops to smell flowers. With both of us he points out things and collects. It’s like a Charlotte Mason nature walk for high energy boys with some sensory needs.

62709 045

His sensory needs are not a huge issue, but he has crashing tendencies and needs “strong play.” (A quote from his developmental specialist) His crashing isn’t banging toys together but literally crashing into things. He’ll drive his Cozy Coupe right into doors and walls and furniture. He “strong play” just means that he needs extra pull and resistance sometimes to try out his little muscles. Some things she said are that one mom has several gallon paint cans in a closet, once a day she lets her son pull them out, stack them and play with them, then put them back. She said some parents hook a bungee cord around a weight lifting weight and let them drag it. They are all things that usually would NOT be done with young children (and please don’t just take these ideas unless your child is known to have the same issues!) She said he probably gets most of his needs met by dragging around our 75+ pound dog, but that if he’s having a crazy day we could try it. We’re also stepping up from play dough to modeling clay, something usually not done until around age 5, to give his muscles extra strength play.

And that’s pretty much our week. Next week I’m going back to slightly more scheduled stuff using workboxes. I’ve traveled from the path for the last two weeks and can really see a difference between the two. I prefer the workboxes. My husband also got a special check this month, meaning there were three pay periods in the same month, and we’re ordering our school supplies for the next year. (That’s also why there are so many special treats being discussed) We generally have a VERY tight and planned out budget and get very little throughout the year. So once a year he gives me money to choose new “homeschool supplies.” And then I bring those out as new items throughout the year. I put an easy 40+ hours into picking out what to get. For two reasons, one being there is so much awesome stuff to choose from, and two being that I don’t know if I’ll get anything else until the next year, so I have to make sure it REALLY includes everything we should need. I can’t risk not ordering enough painting paper for example, though we’re pretty good about little things like that through the year. It’s easier to add a $3 pad of paper to the budget then it is a $20 new game or toy. We also do it because as we try to take Christmas and Birthdays pretty lightly, and this way all the stuff will be everyone’s and we we won’t have to deal with a “But that was MY present!,” mentality. So the new stuff is literally family school stuff and not Blu’s birthday present, or Down the road numbers 2 Christmas present. But point being I get to order this years items Monday and we’ll have a lot more to talk about soon! Stay tuned for a post about what I chose to order! I seem to change the order almost daily. I’ve had “finally settled!” several times now.

And I’ll leave you with this, a shot of my little guy sleeping in his new favorite place.

62709 054


TheRockerMom said...

I've been trying to convince RockerDad that RockerTot needs to transition out of our bed and into his big boy bed to no avail. It looks like a very productive week. I love the "I Was Good" chart. Thanks for sharing!

pucktricks said...

You know, I've said some things like that to my kids as well. Isn't it amazing what you say sometimes.

Chawksgirl4ever said...

wow i'm so glad i found your daughter is 3 1/2 and has sensory integration dysfunction and aspergers. we deal with the same stuff it sounds like!