Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Our First Official week of School

The entire school year I was supposedly doing home preschool with Blu, but I’ll admit we got maybe 20 hours of real work in total. Recently he was evaluated and found to have a speech delay, and a few minor things. Some of it was stupid stuff, like they gave him a cup that is nothing like any cup we’ve ever had, and he “didn’t generalize it as a cup.” Apparently a cup is a cup whether he’s ever seen a cup like that to know it was a cup or not. But having him accepted into the intervention program was like getting a bad job review. I’ve been a stay at home mom since he was born, in charge of his education among other thing, and when he got accepted I failed. I felt like I should have been fired.

But he’s getting better every day, and I’ve been cracking down on the school stuff. Now don’t get me wrong, we’re not sitting at the table and doing workbooks all day. Mostly we read, play with puzzles and toys, and have dedicated educational fun.  I’ve started “Tot School”  which is essentially dedicated time each day for toddler education.   Here’s some of our week:

We did this puzzle shape match several time, Blu fell in love with it the first day we did it, (not that we’ve never played with it before)

6109 029

And  we went to the National Zoo on Saturday. In true homeschool fashion we took a magnifying glass, incase there was anything cool to investigate. He doesn’t quite understand how it works but he enjoys it.

6109 040

We’re doing the workbox approach, with about 3-4 workboxes each day.  Some things we’ve done already is puzzles, reading books, building ramps for cars, shape stackers, and wipe off workbooks.

Stay tuned for more school every week!

And on a different note, these are my gorgeous gerbera daisies, well were, I’ve killed them already. I have quite the black thumb.

6109 023

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