Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Peek into Our Week

Well we’re still doing Tot School, and I can see a real difference in Blu’s speech already! It almost makes me feel worse, like he really wouldn’t have this issue if I was doing this all along, but then I realize it is quite possibly just a very LARGE coincidence. I have to say that since changing my outlook, and really being a dedicated homeschooler I feel AMAZING! I decided when he was accepted to this program to make him, his unschooling, and the family my very very very top priority, and even drop crafts if it came down to it. Now when he goes to sleep, which for the first time in his life he’s doing good at recently and gives me personal time EVERY DAY!!! (Woohooooo) instead of rushing into my craft room (and nearly breaking my neck on the way there because it’s a serious wreck) I go sit in my comfy vintage chair, watch some chic flick, and do school stuff first of all. OR if I want to, really really want too, I do crafts first. I spend the time planning workboxes, reading curriculum books for ideas, assembling the boxes, searching the library online for new books, etc etc. I find that not only do I feel like I’m doing a good thing, the best thing, but also that when I craft my stuff is better! I feel like I’m crafting very specific ideas, or things I realllllllly WANT to do, and not just crafting for the sake of it. I’m not sitting down at Ethel (my sewing machine) just to say I use her, but because I really and truly want to make a very specific something. I’ve been crocheting a doily, cause I’m an 80 year old stuck in a 25 year olds body, and adore it. I picked it out of my vintage Workbasket collection (I have well over 100 of the vintage magazines!) and set to town. I actually intend to enter it into the county fair. I’ll share a picture of the progress soon.

This week for Tot School Blu did quite a few things. I’ve realized that he loves the workboxes SO much that he’ll go and get them without me even doing the things with him. Even in his free play time he seems to do workboxes more then anything else.

This week he did a wonderful flower craft, I pulled it from the internet somewhere, and suddenly cannot find the bookmark anywhere! I couldn’t manage to print the online templates at a good size, so I randomly drew them and cut them out. Here he is coloring the flowers:

6709 002

And here is the finished craft. I had to lay it down to dry, because of that giant dollop of glitter glue. Turned out I STILL stood it upright to soon, and now half of that lump is in the egg tray!

6709 004
To sum up the craft, you cut a section of 3 egg sections from a tray, and push in some balls of playdough or air dry clay. Then shove in three straws, then tape flower tops on top of the straw. The original instructions used construction paper, I used craft foam. If anyone knows where I pulled this craft from PLEASE tell me, I really want to give credit where credit is due. This IS NOT my original idea!

After that he just loved sorting and playing with his crayons.

6709 009

Another activity we did, that he loved, was taking cut up straws and stringing them onto pipe cleaners. Notice the influx of straws in our crafts? I bought this REALLY cheap bag from the dollar store, and apparently 99% of them start out with a hole in them! So a tip, only buy Dollar Tree straws for crafts.

6709 012

After he strung them I twisted them into bracelets, a necklace and a small ring (with a tiny scrap of straw for a gem) and he only seemed to like the ring, and making me wear the necklace like a crown.

We also played his favorite, Duplos. Now don’t think this is actually a workbox, simple fact that he plays with these on a daily basis, they are no doubt one of his favorite toys. On this particular day however I took pictures and we particularly sorted them, and played giggly games. After I built a house he loved that you could turn it on it’s side and the window/door combo made it a shape sorter. He learned about shapes when he realized the dinosaur doesn’t fit inside, and that no amount of shoving makes it fit.

6709 021

Here’s him when he dug out his own workbox to play with, bead stringing.

6709 041

And just to share his amazingly cute level here’s him in an outfit he picked out this week. And to show his gigantic size keep in mind he’s not quite 2 1/2 and those are size 5 pants! slightly baggy, but not falling off!

6709 028

Now, if you’re only here to read about tot school, technically you can stop now. I’ll probably share some links, but the rest of this post is crafts and personal stuff that I just never seem to find time to post.

First I want to share Spirit Jump, and a spirit jump I’m working on. Spirit Jump is a very neat charity I found where they simply share information about people who have a serious illness, cancer, debilitating disease, etc, and help to find people to boost their spirits, give their spirit a jump. You volunteer as you want, meaning as much or as little as you can, and send whatever you deem appropriate, anything from just a card to a whole care package. And you don’t “adopt” the person, meaning you don’t have to continually give them care packages over and over, it can be a one time thing. It’s nice because you send what you feel the urge to send, that fits within your budget.  Recently I was working on a quilt for a friend’s baby and it was decided not to give it to them (for various very good reasons, not just being petty) and I had an unfinished quilt top just laying there. so I decided to send a Spirit Jump to Little  Miss Hannah. Now please keep in mind that just because I personally am sending a whole quilt, you would never have to, so please do try to become a Spirit Jumper.  After much debate, input from others, and contemplation I finally decided to quilt it with one giant spiral, and I LOVE it! I need to trim it up a bit and bind it, but here it is. Enjoy the picture because I doubt I’ll remember to take one of the finished item! I never do, I just pop it in the mail and send it away to it’s new home.

6709 044

I also made these throw together pot-holder recently. I made three, one with pink trim was sent to a better place, ie it was sent for a swap!

6709 043

One last personal thing, I’ve fallen in love with a snail. Not the gooey little creature! Oh no, something entirely different and much nicer to look at. The blog “The Snail’s Trail.”  It floods me with wonderful ideas, for school, for life, even just things to thing about. Her links have sent me on a blog visiting journey that no exaggeration has changed my thought process on a lot of things. How I want to live, how I need to get back to myself, how I want to raise Blu, how I want to teach Blu. I’m in love. If she had new posts every 5 minutes I’d never leave my computer again!

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