Sunday, July 12, 2009

Another week another dollar??

No, wait, I don’t get paid. But it HAS been another week. I have very few pictures to share though because every time he saw the camera or heard the chimey noise it makes when I turn it on he says “No momma no!” This talking thing is over rated!

We did do some stuff this week though. A lot of red things were done, I’m trying the color a week idea.

We did some red painting:

71209 031He wouldn’t allow pictures but we also did red lacing cards (and used red laces,) red modeling clay, and colored with red crayons. AND red watercolor sponge brushes. (The kind where the paint is in the brush)  He loves the new paint, REAL paint, and I have to limit him to only 5 pictures in a sitting, otherwise our paper would be gone in one shot. Funny thing too, when he draws “dad” he does a pretty good rectangle. When he draws our animals he makes paint circles. BUT when I ask him to draw me, he either goes crazy and scribbles everywhere, or says no!  Shows where his affections are I suppose.

Here’s a “dada!” painting:


We also had a friend over and played on our gym mats (a steal my mom got at an auction for $5!!!) The picture is a bit dark, but it’s hard to get a good shot of two kids going crazy!

71209 003

We also played shape bingo with out friend, and luckily we all won at the same time!

He helped me make Blueberry Scones: (notice the anxious fingers waiting to take it?!)

71209 010

Then we had Tea.  Here’s my plate, his was devoured already.  And then there’s a picture of him to show off his own tea mug.

71209 01471209 0151

And that was pretty much our week! An easy one really. I’m taking a relaxed approach while I organize homeschool files and get ideas together for the school year.

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And Blu was featured as a “Cute Tot” at Totally Tots this week, so check that out too!

Thanks for reading! See you tomorrow for Muffin Tin Monday!


Jolanthe said...

Ooo...jealous of your gym mats! We need some of those in our house too!

Those scones look yummy!

Alicia said...

Well if you are local (I don't think you are, but if you ever visit the area) come and play!

I don't even charge friends for "free play" on the mats! lol

Mrs Adept said...

Loved the idea of your play mats.

The painting is interesting. So far all I can get out of my girls are blobs. Next time we paint I am going to ask them to paint specific things - like mum, so I can see what they think. :)