Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Beautiful Butterfly

Today we had a great play date at a local park and I caught this little fellow on film, or at least on my digital camera. Now just to identify it.

72809 024

Now I want to make a note to any readers out there. When I read a lot of blogs, I used to start to feel really crappy. How their house is better decorated or cleaner then mine. Their pictures are so great, because they have a fancy smancy digital camera that cost half a fortune. Their crafts are nicer, cost more, turned out better.  And if you may be sitting there and thinking ANYTHING even remotely like that I have something to say. I have a common digital camera in the $100+ dollar range. Did this shot turn out great, yes. But the other 15+ didn’t. It’s easy to look good on a blog! Anytime you may be sitting there and feeling less then anyone else, on the web or in real life, remember it’s easy to look good a part of the time. But instead of worrying about it, go live life. Otherwise you’ll sit in your chair feeling crummy instead of going out to the park and taking the 15+ shots it takes to capture that butterfly just right.


Misty said...

this one did turn out very nice!

Lisa said...

That is a zebra swallowtail. Beautiful picture. You are so right about it being easy to look good on a blog! ;0]

Thank you so much for your honesty on my GA post today. I am very concerned about the racism, concrete and crowds down there. I recieved another email similar to what you had to say. Thanks again!