Monday, July 13, 2009

Big and Little Muffin Tin Monday

Before I talk about what we ate today, let me address EVERYONE’S comments about my tin. My muffin tin is actually part of a vintage set.  It’s made (or was made at least) by a company called “Regal Ware” and is actually a VERY hard oven safe plastic! It’s round because it sits inside of a bundt pan. I have the muffin tin, bundt pan, and two sizes of round casseroles (both of which the lid is also a plate!) It’s a tannish color with flecks, and apparently can be hard to come by. If you ever did come by any and get it cheap I’d be willing to buy it off of you if you didn’t want to keep it! I love this stuff! Funny thing is when I decided to do MTM I said to myself, but I only have the one small tin and it’ll be so silly to use! I was going to buy a normal rectangular one, but maybe not. ;)

So today’s theme was “Big/Little” and I decided to make a few foods into big and little versions. So he had:

Ham roll ups- It’s just deli ham with seasoned cream cheese spread entirely over one side, then rolled tightly. I used two rectangles of ham, but one in half, and one into tiny pieces.

Toast- one slices, Cut into triangles, then one half cut in half again, and one into fourths.

Jelly (for dipping his toast, which he both enjoyed and did better with PLUS ate more then if I spread it on for him)

Blueberries- some are small, some are big, but Blueberries are a small fruit.

And it doesn’t show in the picture but his cup goes right into the center circle.

Here’s the tin:

71309 016

And here he is enjoying it:

71309 021 

And for those detailed sorts here’s my Seasoned Cream Cheese recipe. We use it for a dip, for a sandwich spread, and Blu has been known to eat a spoonful. I don’t measure so this isn’t exact, but…:

1- 8 ounce package cream cheese

mixed with a dash of:

Worcestershire Sauce

Hot sauce (vary the amount of how much you and your kids can handle, even though we can handle some heat I use just a small dash)

Parsley (dried or fresh and chopped doesn’t matter)



Italian Seasoning

Then just mix until everything is well blended. I do it by hand, which is easier then it sounds, because it’s quite sticky and you’d waste half of it stuck to the mixer beater.


Thanks for joining use for Muffin Tin Monday! Be sure to click the “Her Cup Overfloweth” button to the right to see more muffin tins on this theme and others!


Susana said...

Thanks for sharing all the details--I love details:-). Super job!!

Andrea (ace1028) said...

Love the tin, and love the makings of your MTM meal! ;)

Jerri - Simply Sweet Home said...

Great job on your tin. And your little boy is adorable!

Michelle Sybert said...

thanks for joining us again this week! That seasoned cream cheese sounds so yummy!