Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Challenge- Should you Choose to Accept It

I mentioned an upcoming blog event, and wanted to tell you the rules, so you can choose if you want to participate. I’m not entirely sure what to call it. Is it a Blog Carnival when you create a Mr Linky type of event? Or a meme? Or a …..? I’m not exactly sure what the different words mean. BUT let me lay out the challenge:

The How Cheap to Homeschool Challenge!

Each time we play (how often depends on participation) I will list a small dollar amount. You post on your blog something to buy with that amount, and a minimum of 10 activities to do with it after you buy it. You do NOT have to buy a new item to join, you just have to know the item you are using is in the price range, and share where to get one. So don’t feel like you have to spend money, you can pick stuff you already own within the budget. You CAN spend less then the budget, but if it is drastically less you might want to save that idea for another week with a lower value.

You can include items found in every home without adding them to your budget. Examples would be paper (printer, construction, doodle, not specialty paper,) Glue, water, or a minimal amount of pipe cleaners, stickers, etc. If you activities use a LARGE amount of these supplies it needs to fit into the budget. For example if you use 20 pipe cleaners, it needs to be worked in. One pipe cleaner doesn’t have to. Remember that as strange as it may seem not all houses have paints.

Start your post with a list of the item(s) used and info about where to find them (if they aren’t obvious everyday items) If you want share a picture of your receipt showing how little you spent!

List your ideas for activities. EVERYTHING counts! Ideas of what to talk about, a different way to play, craft ideas, everything!

Any questions ask!

These week’s budget is $3!! So start brainstorming! Buy your supplies if needed, and Thursday I’ll post my items and activities and add a MR Linky. If you decide to play sign the MR Linky (ask me if you don’t know how!) and in your post link back to the challenge post.

I hope the challenge brings everyone new ideas for items they already have, and also how to think outside the box for more ways to play. I hope to see a lot of people play!

One more thing- Just because I am posting on Thursday, doesn't mean you have to! Post Thursday, Sunday, next week, whenever you are ready for the challenge!

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