Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Color Dilemma

So yesterday I shared the new-to-us patio set I rescued from the trash. It’s in good stable condition but very visibly needs some paint and a bit of sanding.  First let me tell you the story:

I had to make an emergency trip to the library, remember the leaf I mentioned being pressed in a library book? Well I accidentally turned the book back in which led to a meltdown like only a two year old can throw. So I promised to go as soon as Daddy came home and rescue it.  On my way home I saw just a single lawn chair a few streets over, I passed it by, but one street before my house turned around and went to check it out. The lady happened to be out and I asked if it was headed for the trash. Then it happened like this:

“Yeah, did you want it?”


“We have the whole set, do you want it all???” (insert very strange look here at the concept of grabbing trash)

“Heck yeah!!!!!!!”

And I proceeded to make the back and forth trips necessary to cram an entire patio set into our car. Thank goodness we drive a boxy scion, otherwise it could have easily been 4 trips. 

Well now the dilemma comes in of what color to paint it! I’m thinking a bright leafy green, or a cool turquoise blue. Maybe a funky red? Oh there is just so many colors in the world! Maybe orange!?

Maybe I should go find fabric for cushions then buy paint to match?


What color would YOU paint it? Leave a Smart Remark below and give me your input. And just maybe there is a prize in it for you. Just maybe. *wink wink*

(And while I appreciate ALL color ideas, any prize is available to the US only.)


Chris said...

See what colors are out there for a good metal rust proofing paint, and go from there.

Misty said...

I'd say find some fabric to make cushions that has several colors you like, then pull colors from that for the chairs. I'd paint each one a different color if the fabric links them all together!