Sunday, July 12, 2009

He’s mine, and there’s no Denying it.

When I was a kid (and still today) I loved office supplies. I more then once would spend my entire allowance (when we even got any!) on stuff at my school bookstore. This year on Valentine’s day I couldn’t decide what I was more excited about, my new digital camera, or my new reverse action stapler! (If you don’t have a reverse action they are AWESOME! Can punch right through a ton of  sheets and STILL be bent well at the back, and it’s easier on the hands! I’ve punched WAY more then the 12 sheets it lists)

Anyway, today I helped Blu to get some money ($1.12) from his piggy bank, that he could carry in his own pocket and spend however he wanted. I intended to take him to the craft store or dollar store, but his money didn’t make it that far. The 2 cents were for “penny day” at staples, but turns out the item we wanted (printer paper) was not just limit 2 per customer but a mail in rebate limit 2 per house! (I had figured each of the three of us buy 2 packs) But he spent his 2 pennies on two small packs of pencils. At first he was VERY determined to buy a $1 sale pack of highlighters (a classic me move!) but he changed his mind and bought:

notebook 001

His own personal (Eco-Friendly wooohooo) Composition Notebook! He carried his own bag with do much pride and could hardly wait for me to sharpen his pencils so he could get started!

He also colors the cover (another classic me move) and he keeps a separate notebook in almost every room of the house (yet another classic me move!) This is the first one though that he picked out and purchased completely by himself. And people say I’m crazy when I tell them he’s going to be a writer! I think I have a future journaler on my hands!

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