Thursday, July 16, 2009

I have a Confession

Hello, my name is Alicia, and I… I am a Dollar Store Junkie.

“Hello Alicia!” Says the room.

I am. I am a Dollar Store junkie. At any given time you can walk into my house and find a minimum of three Dollar Tree bags waiting to be put away. Right now I have a bag with some yarn, not that I need anymore mind you, I have two gigantic space bags cubes full and then some, and I had several bags of school stuff I consolidated today. (Notice I said consolidated, not actually put away? ) I don’t get very much spending money, but I probably spend about half of what I do get at Dollar Tree. Let me show you just SOME of what is hanging out in plastic bags at my house:

71609 030

I also have a set of animal diecuts, a set of measuring cups and spoons (so Blu can have his own for playing, sorting, measuring, etc. without me worrying about mine disappearing. His can be in a workbox and I can still bake.) some yarn, a pair of cheap tongs are already in the trash (I got them for Blu to use like giant tweezers for sorting and he loved them while they lasted, all of 10 minutes) and at any given time I have as many as five pregnancy tests in a bag. I think I’m becoming one of those ladies that is addicted to pregnancy tests. 4 months of trying will do that to you. For someone who hated being pregnant (it was NOT good to me, I couldn’t even keep down water) I seem to cry daily that I’m not pregnant yet.

But let’s not start the waterworks again, let me tell you my dollar stash and how I intend to use it. 

I have stashed away:

3 packs of large die cut shapes- each has 5 each of 3 different shapes. Am I the only one thinking puzzles here? Cut them up and BAM instant puzzle!

4 packs of mini die cut shapes- 2 packs each of two styles. For matching. Each pack has 30, so I have enough to do the alphabet (two per letter) and a few extra just for kicks

3 packs of die cut letters- why? Umm because they are letters! and were  a buck! Gotta love that reasoning!

Dinosaur grow sponge capsules- So I can steal Orange Juice’s idea of painting with them.  Plus measuring water to dissolve them in is a workbox in itself.

A grow dinosaur- for measuring/pouring practice. Fill a container and grow a dino!

For texture painting I got- a dish brush, plastic dish scrubbers, and something I can’t seem to remember that didn’t make it to the picture. We do a color a week, and with painting with one color they are all looking alike FAST! I have 20 red paintings I have to figure out a use for.

Colored Clothespins- for the wide variety of clothespin sortign games out there

A set of 4 containers- for sorting, and whatever else I come up with

Some glass flat marbles. He is LOVING sorting them into containers. He was using the tongs until they broke, now he uses that little measuring spoon. But they are also to decorate things, toss in sensory boxes, add to i spy bags/jars, and whatever else I want.

Also a pack of shape borders. Because I see a very easy game coming together here! Stay tuned for that.

And some glue sticks!


So what do you think? Am I a junkie?? Are you? What’s some of your favorite dollar finds?

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Mrs Adept said...

I used to be a bit of dollar store junkie, but I resist for the most part these days because I filled my house up, and have gotten myself on the decluttering train.

Although, after reading your post I have the urge to go shopping again. I haven't been in a while.