Thursday, July 9, 2009

I’m a Strange Sort

Yes yes that I am! Today I had a fabulous day! Got a diagnoses on a medical issues so that now I can eventually feel good again! Spent time with friends, and just have a great day. But what to be was the highlight, the one thing I REALLY felt like I just HAD to take pictures of. This:

70909 025 Our paints came today (the first time we’ve had actual paints for Blu to use) after a bunch of delays, not really the fault of the company. I squirted them into the no spill cups, popped the lids on and sorted them. Primary in the front, secondary in the back, and neither in the back-back on the shelf.  Isn’t it purrrtttyyyy?


Now if only I could figure out why they steamed up, and if it’s going to make them stink and get moldy!

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