Friday, July 3, 2009

Just A Reminder

I often forget to link my posts every time I’m working on a “group” blog item, So I wanted to post a quick reminder.

If you like the Tot School stuff I do with Blu, sharing weekly updates of our school time together then be sure to click the Tot School button on the right of the screen for more posts like mine. Many other people do this and then sign the Mr Linky, to share their blog also. So you can really get more ideas and more school posts like mine.

Also I am trying to do Wordless Wednesday. And while there is no button (that I have found) there are a ton of other blogs that do it, and some every day of the week! You can find all those links at the Wordless Wednesday site.

Next week I’m starting Muffin Cup Mondays. And I’ll be adding more info about that (and any useful links) later. I don’t want to link to them until I’m participating.

Signed- The lady anxiously awaiting UPS- if they are even running today

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