Monday, July 20, 2009

A Little Late, But…

We had an interesting weekend, with TWO days of Blu crashing to sleep before even eating dinner. Let’s just say he IS NOT one of those kids that can sleep right through. So when that happens I go on high wake alert, with snacks at the ready, and go to bed early, or at least try to.  So last week school stuff is being posted today. A little late, but it still counts, right?

We’ve been doing more unscheduled, unplanned stuff. Just talking about what toys he’s playing with, making up little games, and bringing out the “good stuff” on occasion. He had an appointment with his developmental specialist, which didn’t go so well. He just did NOT want to pay attention. She said it was good though because she can think about it and give me ideas that still work when he’s like that (which is most of the time.)

This week we unplanned:

Talking about cars. Green, black, bigger, smaller, up/down, around, etc.  Just by pushing it around in a circle, or up his body. We talked about upside down, because he likes to flip them over. I added some mechanical intro stuff, how the cars of engines and you have to take care of them.

71609 0121

We also did a lot of real life stuff. Counting the quantity of veggies to get at the store, measuring two cups of flour for the cookies.

We did a lot of measuring, pouring, and water stuff this week. We made colored rice ala Unplug Your Kids, and I intend to make some I Spy Jars and also have some for just crafts and sorting. We made about 6 cups worth! And as a side note, if you use the gel food dye the alcohol is essential! The color just didn’t move well without it.  We also measuring water into a dish and dissolved some of those little capsule animals (or dinosaurs in this case.) I’ve never done them before and have to say they came out a lot smaller then I always thought they would be. But surprisingly when dry they stand on their own! We only did the blue capsules this week, because that is where our color focus was. We’re doing blue again this week, because we just didn’t do a lot of it last week.

71809 05771809 056We tossed a few of the flat glass marbles in the water, to play with and look at while the dinosaurs dissolved. 71809 059I let him scoop as much rice as he wanted per bag. I helped him with the first, then since he had the idea I added color to the ones he finished filling, while he filled the others. We did three bags, and ended up with the three primary colors. 

72009 029The blue came out the best in my opinion.    The red and yellow came out pretty evenly dyed, but the blue took a lot of different shades and came out very variegated.

72009 032


Things I planned:

Blue Painting, with texture. Since we are doing single colors at a time the paintings are piling up and all look alike. So I bought a cheap pack of dish scrubbers, a dish brush, and chopped up some bubble wrap for texture painting. 71809 043 71809 04871809 052The finished projects:

72009 017We also used both tongs (cheap crappy ones which broke after about 10 minutes) and a small measuring spoon to transfer flat marbles between two little containers.  In this picture he’s preloading the spoon, by putting it in manually, then dumping it. But he did really well with just scooping. I plan to add a wooden spoon next time so he can scoop larger amounts, but with some difficulty.

71809 03571809 034And I don’t have any shots of it being played with, but I’ve created a little exploration box. It’s just a large plastic bin that I toss little things into. It has a toilet paper roll, a bread crumb container (with a small hole cut in the lid,) pipe cleaners, straws, wooden beads, and maybe some stuff I’m forgetting.  Essentially we just see what we can come up with. Pushing the pom-poms through the hole and into the crumb container, stringing straws onto pipe cleaners, putting the TP roll on a pipe cleaner and spinning it.  It not only is nice together, but it also keeps him entertained while I cook.

72009 016

And that was our week! Stay tuned because tomorrow is Tuesday Tea, and I also hope to create a blog challenge this week that I KNOW everyone will enjoy!


Susana said...

I love all that you did this week. Thanks for sharing the colored rice recipe link--it looks so fun! Good luck on your I Spy bottles, you should post pics and details as to where you got all of your I Spy items when you are done. I'm always looking for new places to get the little items for our I Spy activities.

I'm going to have to check out this Tuesday Tea:-)!

Rebecca said...

Great ideas! And i also did those time capsule thingys with my son this week :)

Mrs Adept said...

For unplanned you got a lot done. :) We've done some rice recently and all I need now is to make them into some spy jars or something. :)

Raising a Happy Child said...

It's a pretty busy week! I have all those water capsules, and now I have to find the time to try them out. I loved your blue textured paintings - something that I plan to try later this week with yellow :)