Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Our Favorite Snack, and how to shop for it!

Our favorite snack is nothing unusual. It's a pretty common thing, but even my husband's face lights up when he sees I made it. And he's a picky one! What is it?

If you didn't know this already Smoothies should be every mom's secret weapon. Why? Full of fruit, healthy, low to no sugar, AND you can sneak some veggies in there too! I don't usually measure, but today I did sorta so I can share it with you.

In a blender mix about 7 ounces of plain or vanilla yogurt,
about 1 or more cups of fruit,
4-6 ice cubes, a dash of milk,
about a tablespoon (or slightly more) of honey,
and a tiny dash of vanilla extract (if using plain yogurt)

Now I hit the fruit and veggies part kind of hard. Today's smoothie has a fistful of blueberries, an apple (with the skin) and a peach (no skin.) I've added more then that before and it tasted good!

A few things to think about:
Sweeter veggies can easily be added as well. Things like zucchini, squash, carrots, and peas. When Blu was still on baby food I made it at home and had veggie cubes in the freezer, it's so easy to toss in some of those instead of regular ice cubes, and taste wise you can't tell. But I have also tossed in cooked carrots, whole or diced up. Peas have tell tale skins, so if you're adding those blend really well or your secret will be discovered!

Apple can be added, but it add a pulpy thick flavor. Almost like applesauce. A child who is picky about texture may not like it.

The amount of milk varies. Some "dry" fruits will require more, and juicy fruits will need less. Just add enough to make it free flowing in the blender. Add just a splash, then if you need to stop the blender and add more.

Vary to honey in the same way. Very sweet fruits will need only a little.

How does this require shopping advice? Well so many people have told me "Our fruit always go bad before we eat it all" even if they eat a lot of fruit. And there is a simple tip to fix that, usually. If you don't eat a lot of fruit (shame on you!) then I can't help, but if you DO this tip might help. In winter I usually buy fruit only every two weeks, but in Summer when Farmer's Markets abound I buy a bit more often, but I always do this:

Buy fruit in various stages of ripeness! For example buy two peaches that are ripe already, and 3 that aren't. If all the peaches are ripe now, then buy plums that aren't ripe yet. Then you can have peaches for fruit now, and plums for fruit later. It creates a cycle of ripeness. Essentially as one runs out, you have a new fruit just ripening. Easy Peasy!

Hope it helps you! Now go enjoy fresh healthy smoothies!!!!

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Misty said...

I think your shopping's going to get easier soon...the local paper reported an Aldi's is moving here!