Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Our first Muffin Tin Monday

Not only was it our first muffin tin, but it was also a bit of a throw together. We very surprisingly got the car yesterday (my husband and I share and he carpools to give us car time) and Blu asked to make a trip to my Grandmas. “mamaas” he says “maaamaas.” Not as a way of saying “Grandma’s” but as a way of saying “llamas.” He wanted to see them, and her, and the fish, yesterday. It’s an hour away, but we were due for a visit so I packed up and we headed off. So I threw together some items into a container to create a lunch for him, and just kept the tin in mind. We got there in time for a late lunch, and he did seem to enjoy it, though he didn’t eat a lot, because he wanted to PLAY!

For his lunch he had some rolled up ham, string cheese, grapes, strawberries, mac n cheese (the only warm food), and just one mini eclair. Some items are in muffin cup papers, because I packed the container similar to a Bento and they were used to separate some of the flavors. And while he is ONLY 2 and half, he will usually eat at least this much food for lunch. Yesterday he didn’t eat all of this, about half actually, but then had a small sliver of pizza, some cobbler, and some more farm foods. (fresh berries and the like)

70709 008

He was really shoveling in the food at an attempt to hurry back outside.

70709 011

His favorite thing of the day though was this:

70709 060He just crawled up and laid back into the snowball bush. a good way to spend the afternoon I suppose, especially after a good lunch.

Check out more Muffin Tin Meals at Her Cup Overfloweth. I’ll add her button to my sidebar for continued browsing and inspiration.


Holly@MotherIsNotConcerned said...

Great muffin tin!

Michelle Sybert said...

Love the rolled ham and that muffin tin is adorable!! Thanks so much for joining us, hope to have you back!

Jennifer said...

Love that round tin! "No theme" week is the best time to join! Lots of fun!

BranFlakes said...

I really like that round tin, where did you find it?

Susana said...

Your muffin tin is so cute! I've never seen a round tin--I like it. Your little boy is so precious too!

We love muffin tin monday at our home. This coming week though is not sparking my creative juices so far. Can't wait to see what you serve up!