Saturday, July 25, 2009

Our Lazy Week

Every week I post about how little we did and get responses of how MUCH we did, well this was not one of those weeks. This  is what we did, and this is ALL we did:

72509 005 We painted with blue paint, which was also shared on Wordless Wednesday.

72509 036 We used a block crayon (homemade) to color in the Blue Folder from Kiz Club. If you’re not familiar with this site, get familiar fast! I use stuff from this site weekly!

72509 038We played outside a lot.

 72509 043We baked, and cooked. We buy precooked bacon (believe it or not it’s cheaper then regular where we shop) and Blu is able to do it himself. This is him bringing it to me to put into the microwave.  We have baked several batches of cookies and sweets, and he also helps me cook at least once a day.

He had a development appointment, and it was easily the best yet.

And we sang songs, mostly just two. The apple one I shared before. And this new one, about watermelons. I THINK this came from somewhere on ABC and 123, please correct me if I’m wrong. I love this one because it repeats, which is helpful for his speech issue. Then I realized he’s never actually HAD watermelon, and therefore no clue what the song was about, so we got a watermelon that we’ll be chopping into today. It’s so cute because as I sing he babbles too. Which is making progress! The song goes:

(sung to the tune of Are you sleeping)

Watermelon, watermelon

On the vine, on the vine

Green and ripe and juicy, green and ripe and juicy

Please be mine! Please be mine!

Next week I have a new approach (and a new laminator!!! whoo hooo only $20 for a 9” at Aldi. It may not be able to laminate a whole file folder, but it can do a half for mini games, and it can do game pieces, which let’s face it, take the brunt of the damage anyway.) Instead of new workboxes every day, which lately hasn’t been working. We have 6 boxes. They are actually two stacked plastic carts, not regular workboxes. What I want to try, since he is so young, is to fill the top one with items needs randomly throughout the week, pencils, the paint of the week, the clay of the week, etc.  Then in the drawers have more then one activity. Trying to have one drawer per day, but really just a week’s worth of activities in a batch. Then the goal is to actually do them all. It may take a bit more prep for me on Sunday night, but I think it might work better. Partly because he has sleep issues, and some nights by the time he goes to sleep I do to and then there are no boxes for the next day! Hubby is ALWAYS home on Sunday, and I know he will give me time to fill them up. Also then I can base activities on his behavior that day instead of him totally not being into what I had pulled for the day. You know kids, some days he is in a funk and needs something special, some days he’s an academic, some days he is listening really well and can do messy stuff, and some days he just needs hands on stuff to squish.

Thanks for reading about our week!

Don’t forget to check out Muffin Tin Monday, and Tea for Tuesday! And I still have to post my thoughts about the school stuff I purchased for the year. What turned out to be a dud, so far anyway. AND this week I’m going to start a blog carnival type challenge! I am going to give a monetary value, and you can share activities for that value. More details to come!


Chawksgirl4ever said...

well getting anything accomplished for the week is excellent.hope he likes the watermelon!we look forward to the new blog carnival!

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

I love the Kiz Club site too- it is really great for printables. Thanks for sharing, it sounds like you are one organized mommy!

Jolanthe said...

I agree - it doesn't matter how much you did, as long as you are doing stuff together. Anything you accomplish is wonderful! And you still did lots! :)