Tuesday, July 28, 2009

See how Easy Tea can be?

Tuesday Tea that is. I wanted this week to show exactly how easy Tuesday Tea can be, because I think some things I’ve done in previous weeks have made people think they can’t do it. This is today’s tea:

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I pulled out one of our nice glasses, filled it with some iced tea and slowly enjoyed a “Mommy Moment” with the tea and two cookies.

The tea today was Red Rose brand. It’s a traditional tea, similar to Lipton, only much much better. It’s a classic “iced tea tea” and every box includes a cute little figurine!

And that my friends is how truly easy Tuesday Tea can be. I WAS going to sugar rim the glass, but decided to make it even easier then that!

If you want to join in just sit down, by yourself or with the kids or the entire family, make a special cup of tea and simply savor it. Then post about it on your blog, link back here, and sign the Mr Linky below.

The only rule for Tuesday Tea is to take a moment, relax, and just enjoy a glass of tea (and I’ll even let you drink coffee if you really must.) The tea can be hot or iced, fancy or plain. Just take a minute, relax and truly enjoy it.

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