Saturday, July 18, 2009

Some Weekend Finds And a FINISHED project!

First let me start with the finished project! Quite awhile ago I posted a picture of a completed quilt sandwich, all it needed was the binding. (scroll down, I SWEAR the picture is there!) This quilt has been in progress for over a year, and it is neither a large or difficult quilt. First it took forever to pick a pattern, then to get the courage to quilt it, then to get the courage to bind it. Well I finally took the leap and did it. It is 100% finished (okay 99.99, I still have to check it for stray threads and such) I used the wonderful directions from Old Red Barn for the binding. Funny thing though, my quilting friend kept saying “I have a thing for you, instructions” because she knew my fear to do it. The SAME day she came over to see the finished work the instructions came in the mail.  So I did the machine part Wednesday night, then all the hand sewing at my craft circle Thursday. When I had hand sewn a side and a half I said “You know, it would have been really neat to have machine done it, and have it do her name over and over for the stitching.” But if I did that I didn’t have a project to work on at the circle.

So, before I post a picture I’d like to thank:

Old Red Barn

My Quilting friend- who helped me everytime I got stuck

and the ladies at craft circle who stuck with me when I said “Wait! I have a this much to go, we can’t leave until I’m finished!!!” (I had about 20 or so inches of hand stitching left)

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Now for the “Finds” Portion:

Today we went yard-saleing, something I love and my husband can’t stand, and while Blu used his money to buy two toy cars (one olllldd metal one and one wooden one) I bought him a few games, and Daddy bought some tools, I got for myself:

71809 062A wonderful stack of old cookbooks, and a vintage gorgeous green Pyrex dish.  The green is minter then it shows up. All for a total of $3!!! Kachow!

The most recent cookbook I got was from 1973, and is a very interesting diet book. The majority are from the 40’s and early 50’s. I got a 1950’s reprint and a 1948 reprint of the same book about freezing. I LOVE to compare different volumes. In this particular case the 40’s one has basic images of housewives holding platters, and steaming roasts, while the 50’s version (easily seen in the center of the photo) adds kitschy graphics. My favorite by far, and worth well over the $3 to me, is the 1946 Better Homes an Gardens cookbook. It is one of the truly great cookbooks where you feel like you bought a chunk of someone’s life. I KNOW it was her favorite, whoever she was, because tucked in the pages were additional recipes, notes, dinner menus (from important events) and such. She marked many of her favorite recipes, and some have funny notes like “1958, tastes great! (different ink) 1976 STILL tastes great!”  She continually updated it for quite awhile with the pages added into each old BH&G magazine.

And what did I pass up?

1 White glass chicken dish- the kind that is oval shaped and the lid is literally a chicken for $6, I’ve seen it priced better. Anyone know what these dishes are actually for??? Why is it shaped like a chicken?

A few different pitcher and wash basin sets, because they style just wasn’t right.

and a silver tea set, pot, creamer, and sugar for $10, because well I’m not sure why. It was really the coffee style set anyway, long tall pitcher, vs short and stout. I don’t really have anywhere to put it. I’d probably never use it, and it would need a good polishing before I could even think about it.

Did you get any great find this weekend? Yard sale or elsewhere? If so share them with me!

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