Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tuesday Tea!

I love all these online activities, Muffin Tin Monday, Wordless Wednesday, and today I decided to start my own. Although mine will probably be a pathetic attempt and never have the thousands of participants some of the others do.  I’ve decided to start “Tuesday Tea.” A simply concept really, every Tuesday have a tea. I don’t want to say Tea Party, because it can be as big or as little as you like, and to me a Tea Party sounds like A LOT of work.

It can be as fancy as you like, or as simple as a nice glass of iced tea and a store bought cookie. You can involve your kids or have a mom moment (or a singles moment.) You can make it educational,. or you can just have fun. You can dress up, or wear your pajamas. The concept though is to eat with nice plates and glasses (if you can), work on manners (if only for a minute,) spend fun time with your kids/family/significant other/pet/insert being here, and enjoy a little luxury (one that doesn’t cost a fortune!) If you want to join along then post a comment, and next week I’ll start adding a Mr Linky (or a MckLinky, I suppose I’ll have to figure out the difference)

Why Tuesday? Well it sounds good that way, today happens to be Tuesday when the idea came to me, and I like that you can buy or bake supplies during the more casual weekend and they will still be fresh! It could be Thursday Tea, but then weekend baked cake is LONG gone and fresh fruit isn’t looking so fresh anymore!

Now let me share with you our Tea today:

First Blu and I made a 5 minute chocolate cake. This recipe is ALL over the web, but was recently featured on a particular blog that I sadly can’t remember. If you happen to know who featured it recently let me know. I had the recipe before and lost it, so the recent posting brought it back to me. You essentially make a mini cake in a coffee mug and bake it in the microwave. Two minutes for mixing and measuring, 3 minutes for baking, and BAM hot chocolate cake! Since you’re measuring with tablespoons instead of cups, and using small numbers it’s an easy thing to work on basic counting with kids. What you see if a half of a cake, so it makes a decent serving.

I thought I’d add some homemade whipped cream (I’m not the type to buy it) but am doing dairy free right now. Well I tried, but it turns out that soy milk just doesn’t whip up very well. So instead of whipped cream on the cake we got beaten up milk in our tea. For those curious, I make whipped cream with plain milk ALL the time, no real need for the extra expense of “whipping cream” though it may be faster if you do it by hand.

Our tea today was “Vanilla Rose” a nice decaf since I’ve been having some sleep issues (or NON-sleep issues.)

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This is the one event that I pull out my Milk Glass plates, and last week even used the matching mug. Blu gets a fancy plate too, only because I think they are actual FAUX milk glass, and have a big set, so it doesn’t matter that very much if he breaks one. He is very careful and in his own non-speaking way says they are very nice.

I hope to see you next Tuesday!

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Chawksgirl4ever said...

i would love to see you next tuesday!