Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuesday Tea

Welcome to my second Tuesday Tea! Today was a bit snazzier then last week. Blu was waiting patiently and I was able to put together a whole light lunch. We had an easy fruit salad, just strawberries and blueberries tossed together, then I added some Lime zest, and a few lime slices. We had sandwiches that I used a shape cutter on, and inside was just more of my seasoned cream cheese.

Today’s tea was Passion Fruit Green tea, with some lime juice added.

And we ate outside!

It sounds very limey I’m sure, but in reality I used less then one lime total. The fruit salad had a little less then half a lime, I squeezed just a little juice into the tea, and used just two slices for garnish. A chunk of lime is down the disposal.

Here’s some of the food:

72109 01372109 014And for those yelling” Oh my gosh, she let’s her two year old eat off that glass!!!” Nope, here’s his kid friendly serving.

72109 019Though he’ll be stepping up to nicer (but not my white milky glass) somewhat soon. He’s very respectful of things, and rarely breaks things.

For those of you that want to join in on Tuesday Tea I’m (hopefully) adding a Mr Linky below. Remember it can be as fancy or as mellow as you’d like. You can include your kids, or have a mommy moment. Just be sure to link back here so everyone can enjoy the Tuesday Tea postings.

I’ve never done a Mr. Linky before, so I hope this works. If not I’ll fix it! Just stay tuned!

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