Monday, July 6, 2009

The Week of a Tot

This week we didn’t do hardly any of my planned activities. I realized when reloading the workboxes this morning they still had LAST Monday’s activities in most of them. The next few weeks will probably be somewhat uneventful. While I’m going to work in some great activities, and still do some daily time, I’m going to be focusing a lot of time on organizing my computer homeschool files (I have about 10 gigs!) and also planning some ideas for the following school year. Blu is getting to the age where this next school year needs a bit more focus on colors, shapes, and the like, though I’m still now going to press anything. I’ve also been reading a lot about Charlotte Mason, (The complete six book set is on my shelf now) and so before I do a lot I want to read more and see if that’s the route I want to take. But enough blabber, let me show you our week!

Please ignore the jumble of toys in the background (yes that is a flipped over kids bike) and you’ll see we did the Puppy Matching game, again. It’s a favorite of his. I grabbed it from File Folder Fun, and I think you should too! While I’m not very active over there here is my profile if you wanted to befriend me.

70109 002

Grandma, (my mom) sent us him some file folder games and so far he’s played with one. A silly animal game where you match up two parts. while I’m really proud of his matching, a part of me wishes that he would make silly animal creations sometimes. And FYI I have the darkest house in the world (one of MANY reasons I reallllllllly want to move) so the picture is a tad dark.

70609 010

Awhile ago I got him some of those ‘the paint is in the brush” watercolors and he spent quite a bit of time with them (notice the stack of paper building in the side of the picture, and that isn’t counting a few that he got overzealous with that went right in the trash from being torn to shreds) I’m saving all the sheets for later multimedia work, coloring on, painting on top of, gluing, etc. 70109 012

We played outside a LOT. Even though what you see here is THE full extent of our backyard. I’m standing in the doorway to take this picture.

70109 017

We had lunch outside for the very first time in his life. He was a bit distractible at the idea of it and didn’t eat a lot.

70609 004

Grandma also sent a big box of cars. So we did some car sorting, racing, and general talking. He loves cars. One of the few words he says, and the word he says the best, is “wheel.”

70609 012

And he got a dinosaur, for which he both signs “dinosaur” and says “Teeth!!” The toy dinosaur and animals are REALLY helping with his animal sounds and general noisemaking, which is something we’re really pushing for his speech.

70609 016

We also talked about circles, as he rode his tricycle in circles.

70609 039

At the end of the week our new school stuff came and he got to play with a select few (most of them will be brought out and introduced over the course of the year, and there is a whole post about what I ordered here. I’m going to post a seperate post about what he has really liked, wasn’t interested in and so forth later. But here are a few things we did.

70609 026Boomwhackers. Which I HIGHLY recommend to anyone considering them!

Shape Bingo, which he just did like a puzzle as I handed him pieces.

70609 031

And my favorite picture this week has nothing to do with school.

70609 045

In the next few days I’ll be posting about the school stuff I order and if it flew or flopped. And also a list of my school supplies for you to get some ideas. I’ll also share with you some of my great blog finds this week. AND today we’re going to start doing Muffin Tin Monday, so look for that later today or tomorrow!

Also for those of you curious, the stick board is working so-so. Some days he doesn’t get any, some days he gets 4 before breakfast! We’ve had a rough week though, just behavior wise, and I DO think it is slowly working. Though we may start doing more sticker reminders. “Boy who … get stickers!”

Well I’m off, Blu is begging to go to Grandma (the place with fish and more then I posted about a few weeks ago.) and it’s an hour drive! Plus I have to call and see if she’s even home!


Jolanthe said...

It looks like you had a GREAT week! :) Thanks so much for joining up with us!

I really need to pull out some of my old file folder games. I know they are hiding around somewhere...

Rachel said...

looks like a fun week!