Monday, July 27, 2009

What’s In the Tin?

Hi! We did Muffin Tin Monday again this week, and there was no theme, so I chose Yellow. We’ve been focusing on one color a week, and this fit right in! Today in the tin we have:

1 tiny summer squash steamed

1 cheese sandwich cut with a dino cutter

Yellow MnMs

A Melting Moments cookie (recipe below)

1 Yellow Plum

And I even put the drink in a Yellow cup!

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The Melting Moments cookies came out of my FAVORITE cookbook. I collect cookbooks (have probably 100 or more) and my husband and I agree this one is our favorite. It’s called “The Basics And More.” It’s just coil bound and is quite thick. If you ever see it you should pick up a copy!

Melting Moments cookies-

I love this recipe because the measures are VERY easy, so even a young child can very easily help. If you use a 1/2 cup measuring spoon they only have to be able to count to 2!  However I suggest doing the cookie shaping without help, the finished  cookies are VERY crumbly and they don’t do well if smooshed. If your little one can make balls of dough they can help, smooshers are better left napping.

Cream 3/4 cup of butter

Add in:

1 Cup of flour

1/2 cup of corn starch

1/2 cup of Confectioners Sugar

Chill for one hour.

Roll into balls and bake at 375 for about 10 minutes. You might want to check them sooner then that, we need a new oven.  You cook them until the edges are just starting to get golden. I left mine rolled into balls and they flattened just right.

After they are cool  sprinkle them with or roll them in confectioners sugar. I sprinkle ours, because I tend to choke on inhaled powdered sugar! LOL

And don’t forget to go here to see more of this week’s muffin tins! There is also a few more days to sign up for the Muffin Tin Swap- I’m still debating if I want to or not. I don’t have a lot of money to invest, and it seems dumb to buy for others when I have the one single solitary tin (and no silicone cups.)


Julie said...

Great job with your tin this week! Looks yummy. And thanks for the recipe, I love all things cookie lol.

Susana said...

Love the dino sandwich! Thanks for sharing another recipe too!

BranFlakes said...

I've never had a yellow plum before... I like your yellow theme.

Val in the Rose Garden said...

That is a GREAT muffin tin... what you put in it is awesome... but that tin is just wonderful with the hole in the middle.

I can't wait to try your cookies... I want to see if that cook book is at our library. I used to have a collection of cookbooks, but now I have 6. Sigh... so I get them from the library and only buy them if they REALLY stick out to me. I am in cookbook rehab. ;)


Misty said...

We used to go eat beignets (French donuts) at Cafe du Monde in LA. I would invariably choke on the powdered sugar, and drop it all over my clothes, which were somehow always black.

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Ah yes... the joy of young boys. My oldest (who is now 13) has seriously eaten like that for the last 10 years. He could eat and eat and eat... and the crazy thing is I have NO idea where he puts it. He is skinny as a rail and 5'4"!! (He turned 13 last week... this isn't like he is almost 14. He just turned 13 and is taller than most of my friends and twiggy like.) I can fill him up with Muffin Tin Monday every couple weeks, but most of the time, he goes back and has seconds and sometimes thirds. The other two don't eat like him (and are also far more picky) but they are both stockier. I have no idea where that boy puts all his food, but he has always been like that, so I can't imagine it is wrong for him. :) Perhaps you have a boy like that too?


Andrea (ace1028) said...

Mmmn, thanks for the cookie recipe and cute tin!

Michelle Sybert said...

I LOVE your yellow tin! you did a great job!