Friday, August 14, 2009

Every Day

This week I have said to myself, "Today is the day I am going to lose my mind." And so there has been no new posts since Tuesday, because I am to busy holding onto the knot at the end of my rope. Blu's terrible twos have gotten EVEN worse, when they were already the worst I had ever seen. The other day he SCREAMED, not just cried and fussed but full on shrieked, for over an hour. All because when he said he was ready to go home, I actually tried to take him home. EVERY single toy in our house, short of the very select few in his bedroom, have been taken away. Hidden in the basement until I decide what to do with them. Either I'll get rid of every last one of them, or we'll redo the unfinished "studio" part of the basement into a play/school/family art room.

Just now I spent almost an hour putting together this awesome post to share some cool vintage finds with you, and it screwed up the layout of my entire blog. I had to delete the post, and hopefully that fixed it.

I need a vacation, from life. Anyone want to put out a "Closed" Sign and join me on a mental health day? When do Mom's get to take a vacation from their job? When do I get to retire??? Where is MY yearly bonus?!?!!?!?!


Misty said...

sorry you had such a yucky week. we could go yard saling tomorrow if you want. :-)

Orange Juice said...

Every night I tell myself the same thing and every day ends up being the same.
So beyond frustrating. I'm sorry your feeling especially worn out.

I totally want a bonus! With you on that!
The good news is you won the Kimochi Toy! :)

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Sorry you had a terrible week. My #3 is a terrible two and it is really hard some days to be calm through they yelling, fit throwing and general mess they make. I know it passes cuz I have been here before, but I also have those days where I feel like I want to lock myself in the bathroom and write a prayer on tp with a crayon I found while running there for my sanity.

This too shall pass. {{{hugs}}}