Sunday, August 16, 2009

Fantastic Finds

This week was horrible, as I’ve already mentioned, and I had my “treasure vibe” all week long.  I didn’t feel like I HAD to go to the thrift store though, which means I needed to go yard saleing!

Where we are the streets are all names in bunches, with themes (mostly letters) per each section. So we live in the “G’s” (yes that is actually what we tell people. And a nearby street set, the “E’s” was having a community yardsale. I told Nick I was going to find a treasure.

I passed on a great old chair, because hubby is all “Where in the house are you going to put it??? You can’t buy a chair JUST to buy a chair!” I wanted to snap “Oh yes I can!” and buy it for spite, but I NEW it just wasn’t my treasure.  It was the kind that looks like a basic slat back dining room chair, but has rockers. It was painted black, but needed repainting, but had a newly recaned (and good work of it) seat and back. Just wasn’t what we needed.

So even after two HUGE bags of fabric, I still hadn’t found it. I don’t have pictures of the fabric, because a garbage bag full of fabric just isn’t very photogenic. One bag is sheets, mostly white, all of which are cutters. I always try to use vintage sheets for my white fabric, because they are sturdy! And perhaps more importantly, you can get them CHEAP! The other bag was labeled as “scraps” and I barely looked through it before saying it was mine. It IS scraps, no real yardage, and is a neat variety of vintage bits. $4 for both bags!!!!

I also got these, actually a box of various wallpaper bits, and some almost full rolls. Not a lot of variety, these are the bigger chunks, then there is more of the cream pattern. 50 cents! I didn’t think people sold much of anything anymore for 50 cents!

81609 048

Blu got a classic pair of adjust to fit kid’s skates, was GIVEN a Wiggles video, and bought a woodchuck.  I was really surprised exactly how attached he got to that woodchuck! He also got a ugly mottled colored Ty bear. (seen near the woodchuck)

81609 02481609 039 

Oh wait!!! I DOOOOOOO have pictures of the fabric! Sorta.

81609 02881609 02981609 03181609 032

Yeah, that’s right. Blu and I threw it around like confetti and rolled around it in. We like fabric THAT much!

I also got some tiny glass sundae dishes. Chances are they just came out of some Christmas giftset, but they are small and I like them. I got some household metal “baskets” that are really just loosely woven leaf shapes. I have an idea for those, combined with the fabric! Stay tuned for that.

I still hadn’t found my treasure, but we were done. Or so we thought! Going to pick up a Freecycle item we passed a yardsale. And I screamed! “Nick they have a …!!”

So we stopped. I contained my excitement about the …, and bought these:

81609 047(Well to be fair, two of them were from one of the first sales.)

And I got just two each of these gorgeous tea cups and saucers. She had a set of 12, and for a good price, but I have BOXES of teacups, and so I asked if she’d divide it. I figured to leave 10 is still a good number for the next buyer. They have a cute wildflower design, and a silver ring around the top inside. Then I found a cute cup without a saucer. And this same photo shows the sundae cups.

 81609 05281609 054

  Speaking of the sundae cups… I’ve noticed that while I am desperate for a second kid, (5 months of trying and no luck) things in this world seem to be sticking to three. I’m being forced to reevaluate the family size I want. If I could I would have 5 kids. Yes, I’m serious. But I have begun to notice things coming in threes, and suspect it may be God’s way of giving me a message, especially since we’ve been trying for 5 months with no luck. When I found that patio set, and saved it from the trash, it had three seats. These cute sundae cups, a set of three. Even looking farther back, a set of ramekins I bought years ago, three. Custard cups, six, which is divisible by three, helpful since we use them for dipping sauces, not for custard.  Now it could just be that when you have a set of four and one breaks you have three. And most families don’t keep sets of three, they need four. But I’m beginning to think it’s something bigger.

Now back to my finds. What exactly is the “….” item? Well it isn’t for me, it’s for my mom. Although I intend to help her fill it.

81609 049The reason so many people are scared of clowns?

81609 050And my gosh, does this date the house or what?!?!

81609 051Yes that is yellow, green, and brown argyle wall, with a gigantic tan patterned floor.

We also already learned why they just don’t make metal toys anymore. Blu went running, slipt, slide, crashed, and BAM cut on his neck from the doll house! He’s fine. Missed the jugular and all that good stuff. We’re on high alert though, because last time he had a minor cut it got infected and sent us to the ER (penicillin allergy apparently) and then into a 6 week hell of sickness (diagnosed as mono, but it wasn’t. It’s some strange nameless virus that kids get.)  

And while it’s not a good excuse, we’ve cut back on “school” for two reasons:

1. Blu is entirely to badly behaved to even attempt it and keep my sanity,


2. My printer broke, and you’d be surprised exactly how much you print for school!

But that is remedied because hubby got me:

81609 Notice the jumbled papers? Blu was already messing with it.

And I’m going to try again for school this week, maybe the dedicated, planned, time will help the behavior? A person can dream can’t they?!?!


And did I mention that today, he peed on me? On purpose??

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