Tuesday, August 4, 2009

He’s playing me. He’s really just Playing me.

Like a violin as some people say. Who? How?

This little guy right here:

72809 041 And how? This Thing:

80409 018

Yes, that’s right, the training potty. Blu has been ready to potty train by all typical standards for over a year. He absolutely 100% controls his pee. He has been caught, on more then one occasion, holding it in, so that when he took a bath he could use it as a fountain. No I’m not lying. He also has purposely used it create a watering hole for his toy animals, or to wash a toy himself. No again I am not lying.

Last week or so he decided that he was going to just sit on the potty and go while I ran upstairs real quick, and then again later. He truly seemed to have potty trained himself. Just as people decided to hate me, he decided to stop using the potty. By the time people were saying they hated me he had peed on me more often then the potty. Blu has truly peed on the potty on and off since he was just weeks old. We did part time EC (sometimes called infant potty training) and despite those who swear it doesn’t work I’d easily claim otherwise. Blu has sat, on occasion, on the potty by himself, and gone, since he could walk.

But now I know he’s just playing me. He’s playing me like a violin. He absolutely COULD go on the potty every single time. But he just refuses. I have tried the whole timer thing, setting it to try every 15 minutes. I tried the “all so amazing cheerio trick,” which failed miserably with him. He couldn’t see the sense in cereal in the toilet and was more preoccupied with trying to get it out. I’ve tried the whole “You’re a big boy and you’re in control. Here’s the potty, here is your underwear, here’s where your wet underwear goes.” And he does this:

80409 014

He absolutely controls his pee. He is absolutely potty trained, he just refuses to actually go on the potty.  So until he finally just gives in and goes, I’ll be standing by with a towel.

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Orange Juice said...

Ohhhhhhhhhh that's FUN!
He's TOTALLY playing you! Little naughty! And the worst part is you can't get all crazy on him and punish because of how delicate PT is! UGH! How did we ever get this far, that's what I want to know!
Zorro actually peed on me without underwear on purpose. SWEET!

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