Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I had an interesting Realization

Up until recently I have hated our house. When we were house shopping we looked at OVER 100 houses! Seriously, can you believe it? We finally bid on this one because while it wasn’t exactly what we wanted it DID have the main features we wanted.

1. Three Bedrooms- check

2. NOT a rancher- check (I’m just not a Rancher fan)

3- Separate space for crafts- check Unfinished half basement with full cabinets! (They put the old kitchen cabinets in there when they redid to kitchen)

4. Not a sardine can- check

5. Not over an hour from darling’s job- check- only about 30 not counting traffic. It usually turns into almost an hour, but that’s better then an hour NOT counting traffic!

It didn’t have a lot of the design details I wanted, french doors, cozy smallish rooms, a sunroom or similar, grass on all four sides (it’s a townhouse,) grass somewhere (we have literally NO grass in our yard)

We were sick of looking, so we made a bid, and we got it. We moved in and discovered just insane things. While we agreed to gratefully accept any furniture they could leave us (They were an old couple downsizing, we were a young couple upsizing) but we didn’t agree to all the garbage they left! Things for the yard stuffed in basement corners. Grout bags from redoing the kitchen filling basement cabinets (which seems useful, but I’d rather have a clean empty cabinet.) We also didn’t agree to have them leave a small clock hanging in a VERY strange place on the wall, to cover up the HOLE punched in! And we still disagree that the wall shelf in the bedroom was great way to cover up a GIANT hole!

Despite all that I disliked it because I feel it just isn’t me. I want arched door ways, (we did look at a great house that had them, but was also in the ghetto, the back gate lock was broken off when we showed up to look at it!) I wanted cozy. I don’t like big rooms, or open floor plans. I wouldn’t by any means say we have an open floor plan, but our master bedroom is like 16 by 20.  Our bedroom is not much smaller then the Great Room I grew up with.

I’m a Cape Cod, or even better a classic Center Hall Colonial type, and I LIKE houses. I tend to browse real estate listings late into the night just to see what’s out there. Even in towns we have NO intention of living in, even in states we’d never move to. I like houses. I like design. I like details.

My house is a cookie cutter. SERIOUSLY! Our town and the neighboring town built a ton of these townhomes. There are hundreds of my house within a 5 mile radius. Imagine being invited to lunch with a new friend, pulling up to their house, and they live in your house! The same house minus a basement, and mirror imaged. One benefit is that you don’t have to ask where the bathroom is. But it’s a cookie cutter. NOTHING about me is a cookie cutter.

Then when I was pondering today. Thinking of life. Houses. Design. How I want to strangle come bloggers necks for not appreciating their amazing houses. Should we move? We could afford something closer to my dream home. But Blu was born here, or at least we brought him home here. We have a few awesome neighbors. I hate moving. Do I really want to move just to have built in bookshelves or arched doorway. It hit me. Our house IS a center hall colonial, almost. The only difference is that the center hall doesn’t run along with the door, and that there isn’t actually any hall. If my house was turned what 90 degrees. You’d enter through the front door, to a living room on the left and a dining room on the right. Dining room leads to the kitchen. Straight ahead of the front door is stairs going up, and if you go around the corner there’s stairs going down.

As I look out the window as I ponder I see one single solitary white rose, growing RIGHT outside my living room window. It’s so pretty I can easily ignore the parking lot behind it. This time anyway. Our GIGANTIC red hibiscus are blooming, and they mostly hide the parking lot anyway, if the curtains are closed.

And I snuggled in and thought. Maybe this house IS more me then I’d usually think. And for now, I’m happy.

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Misty said...

glad to hear you're enjoying the house!