Sunday, August 23, 2009

I'm Back!

Gosh first I go off on a rant, then I completely disappear.

Our internet was SO bad, first I had a poor connection, then NO connection on my computer, then my computer was acting funny.

Oddly enough my iPod had a connection, so I was able to do a very few emails, but no blogging.

But anyway, sorry to rant and leave, but now I'm back! And will have faster internet on Tuesday, and not just faster cause it's fixed, but faster because we're upgrading.

Tomorrow Blu and I may find our first letterbox, so stay tuned for that! If not tomorrow one day this week for sure. We bought our supplies last week. I got a flower stamp, I'll be "flower thief" (cause I truly am, I pick everyone's flowers all the time. I've been known to sneak off in the night to grab one or a fistful, or just grab some when no one is looking. Hey, God made them, and I ask HIS permission. lol) and he got a airplane, I'm still like to think of a clever name for him. Maybe "Plane Hellion??" lol

AND I have major, jumbo, super sized news, but I want more info before I share. Here's a hint:

And that's not my image, I stole it from this place.

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