Friday, August 7, 2009

Kid Friendly Door Beads

I have a gigantic stack of Family Fun magazines, and this idea came from one of them. When he saw it Blu said “Whoa!” and made it clear he wanted some. So I bought the noodles, but have been sitting on this project for a long time.  I like them for several reasons, mostly a kid can walk through them without taking a heavy bead to the eye, and secondly because they are quiet so he (or animals) can run through them and not disturb anyone. When I lived at home I had a really awesome set of door beads, made by true hippies, and unfortunately reeking of pot. I loved them, but my mom always yelled because apparently in the middle of the night the animals kept going through them, or wrestling them, and it disturbed her. Since our animals go in and out Blu’s room, and we have two cats (who will obviously play with them) I can easily imagine noisy beads disturbing him too.

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Here’s what you do:

Take 3 (or more) foam pool noodles and cut them into 1 inch sections.

I used noodles from Dollar Tree, and they cut just fine with a steak knife. Literally two gentle saws and it was cut. I didn’t measure, because I never do, but if I was to do it again I’d either measure, or buy more noodles. I wish mine were longer.


What I intended to do was use a long 6” doll sculpting needle to string them, but I couldn’t find it. So I did what seemed second best, I made a needle out of a pipe cleaner.

80709 007Just fold it in half, and twist more of it. Leave the folded end slightly open to thread it. After you thread it, then pinch it  shut, so it can go through easily.

I used white yarn. If you don’t have a basement full of yarn like I do, you can use almost anything, or pick up any cheap yarn you can find.

I knotted on the bottom of each strand, but threading it through the big hole, then knotting it on top.

80709 009

While the pipe cleaner could puncture through the foam, it didn’t get a straight, or easy, a line as I’d like, so I prepunched all my foam beads with a chop stick. If you do use a large sculpting needle you can skip that part.

Older kids (I’d say 4 and up, if they have good dexterity) can easily do this. Blu isn’t up for it yet. So while I threaded he made up all sorts of games to play.

80709 01080709 01380709 014 Then hang them. Make sure for safety’s sake that you don’t adhere them to the door in a way that is permanent. Use an adjust to fit curtain rod (the kind you gently screw/unscrew to longer/shorted lengths.) Then if your child become entangled it will easily come down.

Then allow you child to run through like a maniac.  And yes, he is wearing a helmet. :)

80709 018

Here’s some more ideas:

With older kids, or less used rooms, you can use large beads in between the foam beads for a more spaced out look. 

Dollar Tree had flower shaped noodles too!

If you have kids sharing a room, try using them as a room divider. It adds a feeling of privacy, but is open enough for communication.


Hope you make a set! If you do please share pictures with me! Whether it be a link to your blog, or a picture in an email.


Excuse the dark pictures, after about 3 pm, only two rooms in the house can get good bright pictures. We have an annoyingly dark house.

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Lisa said...

Alicia, that is a fantastic idea! Fauna (my oldest) thinks they are very cool! Laughing at the hipppie beads with the pot smell.

Lisa :)