Monday, August 17, 2009

Muffin Tin Monday

Today MTM had no theme, and I just kinda winged it. Wung it?? Is there a past tense  for winged?

Anyway, I’m hoping to start putting more planning and effort into having special, fun, cool, unique, etc etc foods for muffin tins, but this week I didn’t. Our tin had:

Pepperonis- folded and stabbed onto homemade party picks

A chopped up peach

2 Sections of basic salad, just romain with dressing. Blu LOVES this stuff.

1 cookie- I cut it into fourths

1 string cheese- I cut it in half then splayed out the ends, so he can string it easier

2 celery sticks

It looked like this before I gave it to him:

81709 016 

Here he is enjoying it:

81709 022

He took forevvvveeerrr to eat today. I was seriously about to give up on him ever eating all of his food, he was just going so slowwwwww. But finally he was done. Since he took so long some of his salad didn’t get eaten, it got wilty in the 45+ minutes it took him to eat. BUT as a true sign of how much this kid (only JUST 2 1/2) eats, let  me show you what was left over.  I always comment on other peoples tins, and say “I can’t believe that is enough to feed your kid!” This is why:

81709 024AND keep in mind we had a late breakfast, less then 2 hours before this lunch, and at that he ate 2 slices of toast with butter, an egg, a slice of cheese, a big cup of milk, AND a cup of hot tea.

And now you understand why I say I feed a lumberjack. 

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BranFlakes said...

I keep saying I'm going to plan more too, but I never do.

{ L } said...

I've never seen a round muffin tin! How cool. Looks yummy too...

Michelle said...

ha ha! Whenever I am filling them, I always think that this will never fill them up, but I am always surprised at how much you can get in that tin! Great job! *Ü*

Susana said...

LOVE your round tin and yummy, healthy foods too--looks like your little one approved too:-)!!

Andrea (ace1028) said...

Looks yummy to me! Your lil lumberjack looks happy, too!

Jennifer OWM said...

Wing, Wang, Wung? Maybe? :) I have a very slow eater, too. His daycare provider made the mistake of giving him an M&M cookie while they were on a field trip. He picked off every M&M one by one and ate them before he ate his cookie. She said they were there all morning waiting for him to finish one cookie.

Tammy said...

Love the round muffin tin! He really enjoyed his MTM!