Monday, August 10, 2009

Nature VS Nuture

Yesterday was my family reunion. Every second Sunday of August my mother’s side of the family meets at “The Family Farm” (aka my Grandma’s house) for a few hours of food, and fun. It used to be a full day, but the last several years people came late and left early to the point that it was about the length of a long lunch. This year was a bit different. My Grandfather’s side of the family came, many of them for the first time in 15 or more years! And the reunion was almost like I remember. My family has an interesting dynamic. It was one of the original Yours, Mine, and Ours families, when that just didn’t happen often. My Grandma has 2, my Grandpa had 3, then between them they had 6 more! 11 kids! The kids from the first marriage had a significant age gap from the Ours kids, and based on what I’ve been told were raised completely differently, being in clubs, dance, etc, which was not allowed (“Couldn’t afford it”) for the Ours. And it isn’t a close 11 kids. I had some family, direct Aunts/Uncles who didn’t so much as say “hi,” I had one who gave me a hug but didn’t even ask how I was doing, and a few I actually spoke to. So at my Grandma’s house, Grandma is the only Nurturer there.  But the Nature is there. Literally this time, not as detailed as the actual Nature vs Nuture debate. I mean real nature. 25ish acres of it. You’ve seen pictures of that before. Let me show you what I mean:

First thing I found was this interesting thing. It’s a locust shell. (I asked my aunt, I claim no knowledge of such things.) The bug had already crawled out. For a creepy bug thing this was fascinating! Just clinging to a tree like he was just hanging out.

81009 017

Blu played on the boat play set, with his new friend, (My cousin babysits this little guy) who kept calling him “Fuu.” Imagine hearing “We take turns. He first. Fuu. Go Fuu Go Fuu.”

 81009 01681009 036 81009 02081009 021

Several times, before the big event and as it was dieing down, I was told by Blu “Maaaamaas, eat apples! Apples! Maaaamaaaas. Eat Now, Eat Now” Which translates to “I want to feed the llamas apples now.”

Notice the armload of apples.

81009 00181009 00481009 00681009 007In the last one, he was lucky. He SLAMMED that apple down, and notice how close he is to the llama leg. The llama could have kicked the snot outta him, but I swear he looked and said “Wait, that’s the kid that’s been bringing me bushels of apples.” And he slowly put his leg back down.

Here’s a few random shots of people, to prove it WAS actually a family reunion. Then some more good shots. So bare with me. 

81009 02281009 02581009 02681009 029

Then Blu showed his Tree-Hugging bashful side.

81009 033Someone had this ingenious idea to bring a HUGE bag full of the big bubble bubble wrap, and the kids, especially Blu and the other little fella, had a great time with it!

81009 044

A relative of mine was there, that I haven’t seen in 10+ years, and haven’t really spoken to much for 13, and we chatted and got our picture. While Blu doesn’t cover my chub, he covers the chocolate spots he put on my shirt. This girl    is my Mom’s Cousin’s daughter, I think. As kids we always played together at the reunion, and for a long time we were penpals. Catching up yesterday her mom says “You remember you were into heavy metal as a kid? That was so cute!” I giggled. Just a funny combo of phrases I think. And to be fair it wasn’t HEAVY heavy metal. But now I like folky music, like Bob Dylan. She’s a pharmacists now.   Or at least she’d doing her residency, and doesn’t live to far away, so we might get together on occasion.

81009 045

I swear, I’m almost finished, I’m saving the best pictures for last, so either keep reading, or scroll down.

Then Blu played with the wagon, got pulled, AND more adorably, pulled his new friend.

81009 047That’s my cousin, Rachel. My Aunt, and her family converted to Mennonite, no one else in the family is. But it’s great to have a mennonite relative, she tells me semi-local places to buy Bosch mixers (oh how I want one) and where to buy flour in 50 pound bags.  Of ALL the many many people in my family (only a very small fraction was there yesterday) they are one of the few I’d actually see and speak to, if my Grandma wasn’t around.

81009 05181009 054

Then as a mixed blessing, we left, BUT I got a good 10+ minutes away and realized I left the diaper bag! Called the house, and my uncle said sure enough it was there. So I had to turn around and go back. Keep in mind this is a 1 hour trip, without having to turn around, and that this was already after a LONG day. My crazy hippy uncle, you gotta love him.  Because I had to turn around, and Blu crashed out before I even got to turn around I got to go slow, savor, and take these shots.

81009 059 81009 06281009 064Above- One of many nearby old mills.

Below- This isn’t my Grandma’s place, it’s just some farm.

81009 065   

81009 067

Thanks for sticking around this long! 

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Misty said...

looks very nice. much more fun than the family reunions i used to go to. they've dissolved since my grandparents all passed.