Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tuesday Tea- Again

Maybe this will be the week someone else joins? I’ve gotten several, “Oh I’m going to!” responses, so we shall see.

Today our tea was for lunch, and we had:

Cucumber and bacon sandwiches.

Peaches- with “cream”

Cucumber water- garnished with a deseeded cucumber chunk.

and of course tea.

What exactly is “cream?” Well usually I make my own whipped cream with regular milk, nonfat dry milk, or whatever I have on hand that whips. Today my mixer just wouldn’t whip. First I started it, then went to run downstairs for a loaf of bread from the freezer, and I have only one foot on the stair top when I hear a crazy clunky sound from the kitchen. I knew instantly what it was. My Kitchen-Aid has some control issues. I’m not sure if it’s the machine (it had a service tag on it when it was given to me, my aunt had three!) or if it’s the horrid tile countertops (and it can’t grip.) The machine likes to crash around the counter, unlock it’s bowl, and even unhook it’s own bowl. Which is exactly what happened. The crash was the bowl being spun around the mixer. Milk was flying everywhere, and Blu was quite upset. But I fixed that situation, and tried again. It just wouldn’t whip today. So I ended up with thickened, sweetened, milk. So I poured it on the peaches. After all, why waste sweetened milk?

Now, today’s picture looks a bit strange. There are several reasons why.

1. The great embroidered table cloth doesn’t cover my entire table, but I didn’t want a lot of background to show. I hope in the future to cover the table with a large plain cloth, then the smaller fancier one as a center/runner.

2. I was desperate to use it anyway because it was a birthday gift!

Now the reason I say hope to “one day” use it as a center is because my table is always a mess. If you do Fly Lady I’d easily pick this as a hot spot. We usually have less then one corner cleared. If you don’t do Fly Lady let me quickly explain, a hot spot is the place(s) in your house where you junk collects. The spot that you look at and say “If I don’t clean that today it could fall and crush me to death!” Hopefully my table will one day be clean enough to actually place a tablecloth on the whole thing.

Today’s tea was English Breakfast, with sugar and milk.

80409tea 007If you want to join in on Tuesday Tea, it’s easy. Sit down, enjoy a cup of tea, and blog about it. It can be hot or iced, with food or without. You can drink in your best china, or in a plastic cup. All that matters is that you savor the moment. Be sure to link back here, and the sign the Mr Linky below.

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Sherry said...

This is a good idea, Tuesday Tea, I would have joined in but this is the first time I am seeing your blog (thanks for stopping by mine last week) ... I shall join in next tuesday my little one and I would love to have a "tea party" and blog about it. Good luck with the MEME and DONT GIVE up just yet, my Kids in The Kitchen Thursday meme, is still just getting started I've had as many as 5 ppl as low as 2 join in, but I keep trying!