Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday Tea

Today Blu has acted like a boy possessed, but sometimes I find that to be the best time for tea. He knows at tea time you relax, and act like you have some sense. However, I wasn’t going to spend a lot of time, and couldn’t spend a lot of time, getting it together. So today’s tea was simple.

Today’s Tea was Raspberry Leaf, which is good for all your girly parts. It can help with painful ovulation, rough periods, PMS, and anything related to the female area.

As a light snack we had honey balls. Easy to make. You are supposed to chill the mixture for about an hour, I didn’t want to take that much time. Recipe below.

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Honey Balls-

This recipe is a great pick-me up, lots of little things for an energy boost. And be prepared, it is INSANELY easy.

In a bowl mix equalish parts (yes that’s right I rarely even measure, just close to equal is okay) of the following:


Dry Milk Powder

Peanut Butter (natural is best)

Stir together. It should be about the consistency of play dough, maybe a bit softer. You are supposed to chill it for one hour, I don’t always.

Then roll into balls. For an extra energy shot roll them in wheat germ, or cream of wheat cereal. Or even crushed peanuts. Or The tasty variety of brewers yeast (the flakes I’ve heard are actually yummy, not like the powder) If you wanted to make them more like a candy treat roll them in sprinkles, cocoa powder, etc.

If you’d like to join me in Tuesday Tea today just make a glass of tea (I even allow coffee) relax, savor it, and blog about it. Then link back here, and sign the Mr Linky below! It can be as fancy or simple as you like, the key is just to enjoy it.

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