Wednesday, August 19, 2009

You Know What I'm Sick of...

Since my internet is staying mostly connected allow me to rant a minute. Do you know what I'm sick of? Crappy reviews as an attempt to get free stuff. Yeah I said it. Face it most "Mommy Blog" reviews are no good. They says "This is what it is. It cost this much. Thanks for the free stuff." I did reviews as a business for more then 2 years. I worked with several major companies. I gave it up because I didn't want to be in that mommy blog review bunch, but I NEVER would have done such a lousy uninformative review like so many I've read.

For example, "Little Passports" looks like a cute concept, and has popped up all over recently, but after reading almost a dozen reviews and reading the company website do you know what I know about it? You pay $11 and get a country themed package every month, and the first month comes in a suitcase. Yeah that's it. What is IN the packages? I have no idea. Is it WORTH $11? I have no clue! One review hinted at origami, but I'm not paying $11 for some origami papers and a thing of stickers. Know what I mean? Nowhere have I found anything that even resembles a list of possible contents. When I read a review I expect to actually LEARN something about the product!

I'm so sick of reading blogs that do reviews and are so obviously for the free stuff. One site flat quoted the Little Passports website!! And it's that much worse when some of them (and by no means all) then talk about integrity! Integrity to me is actually REVIEWING the product! Is it sturdy? Worth the money? Something cute, but could buy elsewhere easier/cheaper? Does your kid actually LIKE it? (Something most reviews seem to leave out!) Do you as a parent like it?? (Or is it the equivalent of a Happy Meal Toy? Fun for five minutes but trash.)

There is all this talk of "Mommy Bloggers", and how so many have a bad name, and they wonder why! I'm sorry but this is why.

And I'm not saying that all reviews are crappy reviews, I've read a few good ones, I've also read some that lacked basic punctuation and capitol letters!

So that is my rant, because I'm annoyed, not just by this but by other stuff and had to just proclaim how much it annoys me.

Stupid internet and it's slowness and lack of connection. I get cranky without it.

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Cat@3KidsandUs said...

I can definitely see your frustration! As a mommy blogger and reviewer I always try to balance mine with valuable information and personal content. It's not easy..but tips like these are very helpful to many of us. If anything, maybe you've inspired yourself to write a tip sheet for great product reviews.