Wednesday, September 16, 2009

First day of “School”

Tuesday morning Blu had his very first Oral Motor Class, which takes place in an actual school and is set up similar to a preschool. I took pictures of what may be his only time of having a first day of school (our intention is to homeschool pretty much year round) and especially in a school setting.

91509 001

91509 007

The actual class, welllllllll if I HAVE to talk about it.  We didn’t enjoy it, and we BOTH really hope it gets better. The biggest issue is that Blu is easily the most advanced kid in the class, his only issue being expressive language. The kids and parents were all nice, but the kids were either much younger then Blu or seemed to have more severe issues. Blu hated it, it breaks my heart that if you ask him if he had fun he says “No!” He liked only one of the activities, decorating a bus. The technique was neat, you put down glue with a gluestick, then BLOW bits of tissue paper onto the glue.

91609 001

One big issue, that makes it clear how unhappy Blu was, the theme was his favorite thing, Transportation/Cars, and he was asking to go TO the car before it was even half over. Also his vocabulary consists of several car words, and a few signs, but he didn’t use any of them, which we expected. Blu has what we call his Poker Face, his completely lack of opening up in front of people. If you ever ran into me in the store, you’d swear he has no voice. He will not even laugh for people he doesn’t know. I once tickled the daylights out of him at a family reunion and didn’t get so much as a smile.

It bugged me some of the stuff they asked the kids to do, “Chew with your mouth BIG and OPEN like a cow!!” When I’ve already taught him to eat with his mouth shut like he’s civilized.  Generally I felt as though they acted as if the kids were slow, or even mentally retarded, when it’s a speech class. Know what I mean? Although one of the girls there obviously DID have much larger issues, I don’t think it was to the scale of retardation. I just can’t stand when people act like he is slow just because he can’t talk a lot.  There are enough kids with problems out there without blowing things out of proportion.  Though I tend to go on the defensive when I feel like he’s unhappy or being treated like less then he is, maybe I’m over reacting?

Another clue as to how unhappy he was, his snack consisted of 3 pretzel sticks. He never even tried to ask for any more.  The boy who eats like a lumberjack ate only 3 pretzel sticks.

He was also scared half to death when they brought out this creepy giant mouth puppet. He was literally climbing over his chair to get away.  They didn’t notice.

We’re going to stick it out, at a minimum he needs the social interaction.  And who knows what we may pull from it in the end?  I’m not going to close any doors that may help him.


In other news, I’ve decided not to move forward with the store.  Why? This:91409 011

Yes, my Dream in life, my goal for 13 years, the business I’ve wanted since I was a kid, has been practically handed to me on a silver platter, and instead of moving forward with financials and advisers I’ve decided not to do it.  We’re going to put it on the back burner, long term, maybe see if there are some other ways of doing it, and I’m going to play Duplos instead. I think it was a way for me to really see my priorities all laid out, and I’m picking my top priority. And I don’t want to talk about it anymore.

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