Monday, September 14, 2009

Have You Ever?

I’ve been gone awhile, I discussed why before and it’s still the same reasons. One thing to exciting and up in the air to talk about, one just not something I’m open to talking about, and the general anxiety and stress that goes with both. But I’m back, hopefully regularly again and for good. I intend to stick around again now.  Now for the title of this post, have you ever? Have you ever hosted a Flat Stanley? We decided to sign up for the internet one over at The Work of Childhood.  We’ve had out sweet visitor for about a week, but she came at a horrible time. First Blu was sickish, head cold really, and we didn’t really go anywhere so there was nothing to take pictures of. I did however managed to take her a few places now.  We’ll be hosting about 30 “Stanley’s” for this project, and this is our first one. Princessy.


I went out the other day, just Princessy and I, to do some shopping. We needed a few things for the house, and I needed a break.  First we got all buckled into the car.

91409 001

Then she helped me pick out a lipstick. She said she read that “berry” is very in this fall, so that’s what we got. Apparently she likes fashion.

91409 002

When I told her how heavy this box of detergent was she refused to believe me! she said she could load it into our shopping cart. And she must be VERY strong, because she did!

91409 003

We tried on shoes, and I told her this one is pretty but it’s just to big!

91409 005

Then one day she went with us to my Grandma’s house. It’s a pre-civil war farmhouse. Those stones near the window are well over a 100 years old.

91409 00791409 009

Then she climbed up the steps to the balcony all by herself!

91409 013      

Stay tuned for more of our adventures with Princessy, and our other Stanley’s to come.

And another have your ever. Have you ever given up an amazing opportunity? Why? Would you tell me about it, and if you still agree with your decision?


Chawksgirl4ever said...

wow that is really neat.i have never heard of a flat stanley seems neat though

My Four Blessings said...

Wyatt just got O-Mite! He is very happy and we will be posting all his adventures soon!