Saturday, September 26, 2009

Join me for a journey

A journey to a new lifestyle that is. First I want to make a few confessions:

1. I LOVE junk food. Diet coke, ice cream, burgers, greasy pizza, etc etc. I better stop before I get hungry.  My hubby and I have a strange reverse relationship. He works out an hour every day, nags me about working out too.  And shhhhhh, when I’m out my myself, I sneak mounds of junk food!  In the grand scheme of things we still eat healthier then most, but we’re not where I’d like to be. By no means do we eat like I wish we did.

2. I have a problem with money. Spending it wisely that is. My hubby handles the bills because I am honestly incapable. I really wish I was the kind of person who spent money only occasionally and got really awesome stuff to show for it. The other day I went to buy “a few things” total amount needed, maybe $10. I spent $40! EEK! Now we have a little bit of leave-way in our budget, so it’s not like I broke the bank, but my spending adds up, and we don’t have it. And I flat don’t WANT to shop that way. I feel like I am doing well, but the bags of stuff in the car with me EVERY time I come home beg to differ. And I get most of the stuff cheap, I had bags and bags and bags of stuff the day I spent $40. Which leads to

3. I have a problem with stuff. I am torn between wanting to be a minimalist and having the clean minimal lines of European design, and “Man that’s looks cool! and look how cheap it was!” I have a bad habit of buying things that are neat, or a pretty color, or were cheap, even if I don’t need it, love it, or have a place for it.  Our house is a wreck, and I have a melt down at least once a week over it. Simple stuff like finding the can opener, or the missing sock can turn into a serious event for me. And it isn’t like one of those “Help! I’m a hoarder!” shows, and it is within some standards of cleanliness, it just isn’t organized and there is to much junk! 

I want my house to be nice, organized, show that I have a design sense, instead of mounds of stuff in the extra dining room chair. I want people to see I actually have (I think) as much talent and originality as all those design blogs and magazines I love to look at! I want to have clothes that I care about and like.  Not just stuff I bought because “it’s kinda cute, and only $3!!” I want a healthier feeling body, and leaner would be nice.

So, I’m going to crack down.

92609 021Farewell Popeyes, you were my last. Seriously, we decided to get a fatty bad lunch today as a final farewell to our old diet. Goodbye junk everywhere, you’ll go to a better place. And hello savings, I’ll actually put money in you now! 

I’ll blog about my progress, ideas I try, what works for me, and if it all works! Stay tuned to see some changes in my life! You’ll see a lot of cheap decor ideas, tons of stuff going away, and hopefully a happier me. Hopefully the gradual changes, and the completed change by the end of it all, will stop making me feel like I’m torn between what I truly want to be and what I actually am.  It’ll be interesting because my hubby tends to all gung-ho, until it actually affects him in some way. “What you want to cut out sugar? What about our sweet tea?? I’m not giving up sweet tea!” Yeah. That’s almost word for word. “We’ll cut back, tight spending. We’ll save every penny. Wait? What? I’m not giving up my comic books, or eating like a pauper!”

So stay tuned! Let’s see if this works!

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