Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Weekend Discoveries

Over the past two days I have discovered a few things:

1. It IS actually possible for me to go to the craft store get ONLY the item I went in for and leave. I truly thought that was impossible. Okay, well I’ll be fully honest, I did buy one extra thing, a calendar with picture of antique metal toys, Blu says he wants them framed in his room.

2. While in that same craft store it IS in fact possible to NOT buy any junk food! Did you know that you are actually able to walk past their giinormous display of candy and twenty flavors of Ghiradelli squares and not buy any?

3. Google Reader has no idea to act if you are so behind that you have almost 2,000 blog posts to read.  It just scrolls to about an inch from the bottom, then lingers there apparently, so you have no idea how many you’ve caught up on. It scrolled reasonably for the majority of the scroll bar.

4. As soon as you decide to crack down on spending money you will suddenly become completely overwhelmed with creative ideas. Which let’s face it, are almost never free. You can save and scrape and be frugal, but it’s nearly impossible to do it for free.

5. Sometimes a kid just needs a hug.

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