Friday, September 25, 2009

Oh Taterhead Taterhead

Where for art thou Taterhead?

Deny thy farmer and refuse thy spud…

92509 037

When Blu and I are having hard times I tend to do crazy things. But really I just sit back, relax, and try to let things flow to a better place.  But seriously, don’t those arms just scream for some Shakespeare?


Oh and check out this moustache:

92509 035 I actually collect Mr P, (and all his potato bodied kin) and somehow the moustache of my BIG potato made it’s way into out everyday play Silly Suitcase, we couldn’t resist putting it on.

Blu put together this one:

92509 028

And have Mr P’s glasses every looked any better?

92509 022

And if you ever wondered, if you leave ham slices on the counter for even a fraction of a second, apparently this happens:

92509 051 Good thing it was the fully cooked kind!

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