Wednesday, October 7, 2009

And not a Cut yet (with a giveaway!!)

I’ve been stamp carving for a few days now. I’ve done literally a fistful and I LOVE it! I’ve been wanting a stamp carving set for upwards of 10 years. Seriously. When the stamping bug went around ages ago I was there, and wanted to be funky and artistic and make my own instead of cute puppies and wayyyyy to detailed to truly color fairies. Even before that I wanted a set because any true “Martha-Stewart-type” should! Oh how I could have decorated seasonal napkins, or gifts, or tags, or…. even if I was only 12.  I started these with seasonal, my very first was the acorn, and my second the pumpkin. Then I carved “Blu” so he can “sign” his name on his best works, mounted it on wood so he could handle it easily.  And then a “Nick” and then a flower. And I am nowhere near stopping! I want to buy carving blocks in bulk! I want to invest my life savings (if I had any) in carvable surfaces!  All this and not a single knick or cut on the hand yet!

Here’s my handiwork so far,

10709 027

Stamped out:

10709 029 The ground of the flower got chopped off, I didn’t like the look, or the stamped image with it. It wouldn’t stamp well. Anyone who enters my house, especially to eat at Thanksgiving, will spot the pumpkin and acorn. Can anyone notice the very faint line in the B? Someone broke it, a second reason for the wood mounting. I just glued it back together to the best of my ability and figure it will last as long as it will last.

And while my head is full of ideas of what to carve, I find myself overwhelmed, and unable to pull any one image out to carve. Next I intend to tackle a set of flower parts, leaves, stems, petals, for a create your own flower set. And I have a few ideas for Christmas gifts. That’s where you, and the first official giveaway come in! Late at night (Eastern USA time) on October 19th, I will draw a name for a free hand carved stamp! (USA or Canada only please) How can you be in the drawing? I’ll be nice and give you a lot of chances!

1. Post a comment with ideas of stuff to carve! Only one comment please, but you can put as many ideas as you like.

2. Post a comment of how to use the carved images! Where would YOU stamp one?

3. Be a follower and get TWO entries! (leave two comments to say “I’m a follower” or some such)

4. Blog about this! (Then comment with a link to the blog post)


Now I’m not saying the stamp you receive will be a masterpiece, but it will be free! and hand done! and cool! Or at least I hope you’ll think it’s cool!

Now, I’ll go finish cooking dinner, and feel very afraid that my blog is so pathetic I’ll only get two comments.


Misty said...

Those stamps are super cute! Great job on the no cutting, lol. I'd love to be entered in your drawing.

Lorie said...

Oh! Right now I am in a Hallween mod, so bats would be fun!

But birthday stuff would be funn too! A cake or present or candles!!

Lorie said...

I am a follwer

Lorie said...

I am a follwer (2nd time! ;D)

Lorie said...

Well, my daughter always steals my stamps, so I am sure SHE would use them on EVERYTHING!!

I could make some cute goodie bags for my kids classes with that pumpkin one!!

Nancy said...

pumpkins, angels, hearts, your initials

Orange Juice said...

ha ha nice ending. ;) There's a way to get people to comment!

Hmmmm what to carve... maybe christmas-y stuff? Tree, Angel, ornament...or maybe a Turkey? (just kidding)

I really like the name you did that was awesome.

Chawksgirl4ever said...

a monkey or monkey face,cat or dog,fish, a van,a leaf, jack o lantern

Chawksgirl4ever said...

im a follower #1

Chawksgirl4ever said...

im a follower #2