Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 09

As I drove around today, running errands and getting a purple piratey shirt, I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful my town was. The weather was, mostly, perfect. The leaves were falling from the trees in a beautiful way. A nearby school apparently had a Halloween party during the day, and there were kids running everywhere, walking home, in costume. It felt like a Halloween you see in movies. Movies that take place in small New England towns. But I do not live in New England.

I hope your Halloween was/is (it’s only 7 pm here, most of you may still be partying) as beautiful as mine!

We got all dressed up, after over an hour of Blu saying “No yet!” Meaning, “not yet.” I went as a hippie/Janis Joplin, and Blu, well, I’m sure you’ll be able to guess this:

103109 030103109 031That’s right ladies and gentleman, for one night only, the one the only Jimi Hendrix!!!!

After hours of him waiting we went to only two courts, about ten houses, and he says “Go home!” and was done. It made me realize that a good rule of thumb, for us, may be one court per year of age.

As for his speech. We’ve practiced Trick or Treating ALL week. He’d knock on a door, I’d answer, we’d act out the whole thing. Over and over and over. He did learn to say “Trick or treat” though I haven’t heard him, he says it for Daddy. For me he waves his arm three times. After ALL the practice, he did not, not a single once, utter ANY sound while trick or treating! No “Trick or Treat”, no “Thank You”, no “Happy Halloween”, not even a “mumphh.” But I do think the practice helped him understand what was going on.

Happy Halloween everyone!!!!!

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5orangepotatoes said...

Cute little pirate!