Sunday, October 4, 2009

I have a Sneaking Suspicion

(Is “suspicion” spelled right? It sure looks funny, but spellchecker isn’t catching it.)

I have a sneaking suspicion that hosting a Flat Stanley is a curse. A pox, a pox on all your houses! Sorry. Anyway, it seems every time we get one in the mail someone in the house gets sick. Then the poor Stanley spends to much time in his envelope, and hardly gets to see anything. Our most recent visitor got to see a few few things, BUT I forgot to jot down his poor name and owner before sending him off again! I knew I better send him before he sits around our house way to long like our first Stanley ends up catching our bug. Especially since I knew we wouldn’t really go anywhere else. I did care for him enough to call him by his name while he was visiting with us, I’m just so bad with names that I have already forgotten it! Does anyone recognize this little guy?

First he went with me to pick up a friend at BWI airport. This airport was HUGEEEEEEEE, and he got to see a few planes take off, and land, as we got close, but it was night time so you couldn’t see much else. I was also not feeling very well, partly from nerves of driving by myself to such a gigantic airport, and partly because apparently I was getting sick.

10409 001

Then I was sick for awhile and our visitor had to just hang out around the house. Then we went to see a train “museum.” Truthfully it may be the most pathetic museum in existence, but the kids love the real caboose, that sits right next to the tracks. It has a schedule of when trains will pass, and it has a wooden train table and playset inside!  First he pretended to drive the train:

10409 009

Then he enjoyed pretending to be a giant in a small village:

10409 013

Until he had his own giant encounter!!

10409 014 He also went with us to a Dutch farmer’s market, and enjoyed some interesting snacks, and way to much sugar (rock candy anyone?) but I didn’t get a chance to photograph it.

Now that I’m almost, kinda, maybe, feeling okay we’ll have more to share this week. I packed some simply Bentos for our train visit. Today I got something I have literally wanted for over a decade, a stamp carving set. And I also made a deal with my husband, if I don’t use my floor sized weaving loom by 2011 my Aunt has to take it back! So I’ll be putting some time into figuring that out. Technically I did warp it some ages ago, only to find out I neglected to thread the warp thread through the beater (!!) and never got back to it. And now another problem in the mix- I sold my small lap loom/warping board, so I have to figure out how to even get more warp  thread more of the same length.


Thanks for reading! And be sure to check out more Flat Stanleys at The Work of Childhood.

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