Sunday, October 11, 2009

My Planning Brainstorming Organizing and Fantasizing Binder

Recently I checked out the book “Katie Brown’s Weekends” 51xyMqODCFL._SS500_ from the library (picture from and she had a very neat idea for an memo board. You simply take a large board, and cover it with a variety of Post-Its. You apply hot glue to each post it corner and smoosh it on. Then when the pad is empty it peels off and you replace it. A handy idea, and her’s looks stunning, but I’m more of a mobile thinker. I might be in the bedroom chair one hour, the basement futon the next, and at the dining room table a few hours later. So I needed something more mobile then one large board. The idea came to me from my binder when looking at some neat themed journals I got in the dollar section at Michaels, and wishing I could hook them together with a small legal pad for all my brainstorming sessions. This is what I ended up making, and I LOVE it!

101109 017On the front of the binder, the left side, there is a “Project Log” which features sections for the house, crafts, and garden. Each page has a section for materials needed, resources, next steps, and on the back of the page, notes. There’s also two post-it note pads, and three post it flag pads. Then a themed stick note book, which has “FYI,” “BTW,” “ASAP,” “FAQ,” and “LOL.” Each with lines and check boxes.

101109 014

The back of the binder has a small legal pad, one more pad of post-its, two pads of flags, and a creativity log. The log has sections for ideas, sketches, and quotes. 

101109 015

One thing I love is that whatever I am looking at can be tucked inside the binder, whether clipped into the rings or just shoved inside. So a library book of home decor, or home school catalogs, or whatever, can be carried around inside the book for easy transport. Also, when a post it or legal pad page is full, but not ready for the trash, I can punch a hole in one corner and put it in the rings. The use of several post-it pads at once allows me to do figures on one, and them carry them over to the other for final tallies.

I already know it is in fact easy to peel off the old item and replace it. (I have a two year old remember?) The hot glue just pops off with a little force. So when my themed books are used up I can simply put a small sketchpad, more post-its, another legal pad, or whatever. Blu tried a bit to forcefully to help himself to a post-it, and the whole pad came off.

Technically the pockets from the binder are still useable, but right now are smaller then normal. One or two items were to long to glue down and not go over the edges, so they had to cover part of the pocket.

The binder still closes normally, and if it was sitting on a shelf you can’t tell from the outside what it really is.

Next I want to get more post-its in various sizes to fill in more gaps. I got these bright ones at a local store for 75% off! (it was 87 cents a pack!) and bought them out. As I need refills I hope to go with a more subtle color theme.

Thanks Katie for the idea!!!

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