Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Petting Zoo

Today we packed a bag of snacks, hopped into the car and drove about 40 minutes to a farm/park for pumpkins, a petting zoo, and fun.  As we started walking the petting zoo section I saw an amazing interest in my husband’s eye. A twinkle, that showed me he was really enjoying himself.

102209 043When he walked over to the machine for feed he first stood by himself, and fed the goats alone, before having to get another handful for us.

I turned to him and said “I think you’re enjoying this as much as Blu. It’s like you’ve never done this before.”

His simple reply, “I haven’t ever done this before.”

102209 046His childhood wasn’t a bad childhood. He wasn’t abused, nor did he have drug addicted parents, or any other the other serious issues some kids deal with. We grew up in an  area that didn’t have much, and parents had to be pretty dedicated in order to go the distance to do things.  Most didn’t.

His simple statement just reminded me how much people can take for granted. I take for granted sometimes the fact that I get to stay home with Blu, and take him to petting zoos (we’ve been two or three times at least.) It’s easy to forget the simple pleasure of helping him feed a duck, when later then same day he’s literally ripping my hair out. I take for granted the simple things I do, have done thousands of times, that other people have never done in their life.  Sure I’ve never been to Rome, like a lady I met recently who was sharing her adventures with me. In fact, I’ve never been off the East Coast, except once by total accident my family drove through the very very tip of Tennessee. But everyday I do things that are a complete unknown to some people. Read a book, knit a scarf, feed a goat, it’s so easy to overlook the simple things. 

Even when you feel like your life is so boring, everything is so mundane, it’s settling to realize that there are a lot of simple things that are happening to other people for the first time.


Orange Juice said...

its true. so, so easy to get wrapped up in the daily grind & let any excuse keep one from trying new things & going places. I always made an effort to take my son to a new place every week. then over the past few(ish) months after we moved everything came to a screeching hault. thank u for this reminder of how important it is. :)

You, btw, are very good @ expressing yourself. I enjoy reading what you have to say.

Lorie said...

I agree. It is so easy to take the little things for granted. How great that you were able to share that with both of them!